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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-02 22:24:27 [36543]
im at 1481 uploads just below psycho killer with NOH wo concide with my (negative afirmation converting) super synchmap NO-THING which features the song: 0:43 "01 Short Blues.wma" monty python 76 3:04 "02 Boys In The Hood.mp3" dynamite hack 1:17 "03 Blackbird.mp3" foo fighters 2:20 "04 Take Me To The Specialist.wma" 0:44 "05 Chainsaw Massacre.wma" 4:30 "06 Psycho Killer.wma" 5:09 "07 Girlfriend Is Better.wma" 0:15 "08 Crowd.mp3" 0:08 "09 Shots At Crowd.mp3" 4:21 "10 Once In A Lifetime.mp3" studio 0:06 "11 Twister.wav" 0:24 "12 Scar De Palma.mp3" 0:24 "13 The Bomb.mp3" 4:16 "14 Burning Down The House.wma" 1:10 "15 Fires O'Hell.wma" drews famous halloween houseparty 2:20 "16 Theme From Blood Orgy O'The Atomic Fern.wma" 2:55 "17 Big Time Operator.wma" 2:10
"18 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song.wma"
3:19 "19 You're Crazy.wma" appetite ver 1:19 "20 Outro.wma" gravediggaz 3:15 "21 Used To Love Her.wma" 6:10 "22 One In A Million.wma" 5:41 "23 Baker Street.mp3" 0:43 "24 Hi-Desert Biker Meth Lab.mp3" 2:00 "25 City O' Mud.wma" 0:30 "26 Witches Dungeon.wma" 3:32 "27 Livin' Thing.mp3" 4:42 "28 Telephone Line.mp3" 3:48 "29 Do Ya'.mp3" 4:29 "30 True Faith (Morning Sun).mp3" 3:57 "31 Baby I Got Your Money.mp3"

whic is visual represented by a hand (with a phone burning a hole thru it) holding the word "NO/(ON)"

(hold ON, On hold, come ON etc)

(see level 3904)

i adhere to my own code for my own reason

and suprise suprise yo didnt know all of this by now?

any way it a flawless program that converts [no] captions to positive affirmations by lirealizing itself thru the moniker "No-Thing"as well as identifying with all [thing] and [on] captions and lyrics via lyric/caption corelarry confirmation as well as hands and phones.

Its a profound prolific semantic masterpice on pare with "THIS ad THAt" and all my universal accepted self authorizing and cross-confirming caption playlist programs and just another proof of my status as the most accomplished ingenious syncher ever to exist.

but i dont go around bragging all day

(holds out hand)

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