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by Austin Tatious [ohs SITOme]  2015-11-27 22:18:21 [36218]
Real Life Life Sized Cosm

Every level of sitO's Gridcosm is 3 times the the size of the level before (except of course for level 0).

If we started with a simple level zerp = 1 inch how big would that make cosm?

well let's see now times 3...4061 3 times 4061=... 12,183 inches right? Wow that's amazing 1000 feet. but thats not even close.

Its actually 3^4061 inches, which means 3 multiplied by 3 4,061 times. This is what is known as an exponential increase, a formula that does not obey the associative property of multiplication ahem you fool! Which means NOT EZ.

Well, you had to ask the big questions didn't you? Mr Cosmic thought. And for thinking so big your reward is a super complicated math problem! Serves you right.

Well ok so what is 3^4061 anyway? 3.8852182184484576815048799253303e+1937!

Fun Fact: Nobody knows wtf E means. Ok so usually ppl look that one up and realize they did. Means the actual number of inches is somelike a number 2000 digits long. Thats like 20 Googles.(Not the search engine you ass.)

So how do rationalize er i mean visualize that well we could divide by 12 then divide by 5280 to get the distance in miles which is 6.131973198308803158940782710433e+1932

Still can't put that in perspective?

Well lets just see what we can do... ewe! Don't do most of it!

But lets do start with something simple like 3^19. Or 1.162261467 BILLION

SO by level 19, A Real life Life size cosm with a 1 inch square zero would reach 18,343.773153409090909090909090909 miles, or 3/4 of the earth. Of course each pixel would be over 40 miles long...

(The circumference of The Earth(c) is 24,901 mi)

Do that about 212 times... or like..make a billion a bilion time larger and make that a bilion times larger and do that like 200 times. i mean thats still too infathomable. i can imagine an inch becoming like the size of the earth in less than 20 levels.

I can imagine a 40 mile wide pixel...

but imagining the earth be an inch and having a billion of those earth sized inches..

Ok here is a way to visualize this. you have a little keychain globe earth thats like an inch big right. in the real world.

But you can say like jump into the 1 inch globe and it becomes life sized. in THAT world level 0 would be an inch big.

Level 19 would take up most of the keychain.

Then you would discover that your world is a keychain of another earth thats really the keychain in another earth

If every earth to keychain level represented how much cosm grows after 19 levels then, you would need over 200 magic earth to keychain levels to shrink or expand the size of the current gridcosm with a 1 inch starting level.

Seems impossible right seems way too big huh? 1000 feets seems alot simpler. well maybe if every level of cosm was closer to a typical 150 pixels and they were all in a line, youd need a monitor about 1000 feet long.

By level 2500 it was possible to make a 150x150 image of every level of cosm, where each level was 3px3p...1 dot for each or the 9 squares..

God's dick is still much much bigger than the current real size of gridcosm.

Also anything that big would be wonky.

And if this is space the black parts shouldnt count we should get those for free.

This is also an example of how math is ghey

Also how dumb the universe is for trying to be all actual sized. Especially while being infinite.

No one believes you, Universe.. yur just not practical.


I didnt mean to say God's dick is wonky.

Thats totally not what i meant.

YOu know what fk you yur wonky.

If you can tell what im saying why even bother man learn to fkn read ok.

stop fkn up my manuscript with your flawed interpretation.

try gettin some persepctive on reality and not bein such a God sized dick.

I mean really. I mean really.

But seriosly.

We are gonna die!

Oh GOD!!! WTF IS THIS PLACE!! IS having fun a good sign?! Or indicitive of somekinda like spiritual character flaw

Well luckily i have whtever that is. cus yeah i guess if youre in some like foriegn reality and you have never existed before that and it becomes clear yur gonna inevitably be destroyed before you figure out whatever the fk that means then yeah its probly better to atleast be fucked up enough to actuall find it humorous especially if there is discomfort involved cuz that seems like some serios sht to me gulp

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