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Artist Ed Stastny
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by guest   2001-12-22 06:53:48 [3516]
[artwork deleted by artist]

is this "cubeism"? ...regardless- it kicks me into an "aztec" ...cartoon style..done by actual aztecs-on their temple walls. the artist seems to be thinking in a different direction. and is this artist-an drawing exibitionist? he admits doing this rendering-mostly at a portland resturant-and he also does other drawings at other portland resturants? what does the managment think of all this? do they pay any any attention ? he must be a big tipper-to hang out long enough to finish these colorful and unique images...i like this style..even tho it looks "aztec" and perhaps this artist-dude is "re-incarnated" as a former "palace-artist" for the aztec king?i can see him ...back in the local aztec eatry "jaguar-i-hop" and drawing all the warriors .."aztec"style ...then one of the kings scouts see his art and he winds up in the palace-as the emporor"s favorite artist...hey! it"s better than getting your heart cut-out..for the dailey "sacrifice" to the thunder gods!! dawk

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