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Synergy General
Glad you could make it. This discussion area is for yap about collaborative art, especially such art projects on SITO. All of the collaborative art projects on SITO, past and present, are browseable in the Synergy section.

The sito.synergy topic exists as a general discussion collaborative art projects in general. Past, future and present. There are also sub-topics for specific projects. Right now, those topic/projects are: sito.synergy.gridcosm and sito.synergy.hygrid.

As always, please try to keep your posting in its related topic area. Makes it easier for everyone to read what they want to read.

Also, remember to login if you have a SITO-ID so the system can help you fill in address fields and stuff.

Active/New discussions on SITO have been moved to Google Groups.

Please check out the SITO general and Gridcosm topics over there.

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T.Motley joins Impulse Freak
 Ed Stastny  00-10-16 05:47
Impulse Freak #2 is out!
 Ed Stastny  00-10-10 15:02
Re: sito wish list (was Re: Panic???)
 Robert Dale Anderson  00-09-26 23:53
sito wish list (was Re: Panic???)
 Jon Van Oast  00-09-25 17:34
Re: Panic???
 Ed Stastny  00-09-25 13:17
Re: Panic???
 Jon Van Oast  00-09-25 08:05
Re: Panic???
 Robert Dale Anderson  00-09-25 01:20
Re: Panic???
 Robert Dale Anderson  00-09-25 00:22
Re: Panic???
 Jon Van Oast  00-09-24 22:06
Re: Panic???
 Ed Stastny  00-09-24 04:10
Re: Panic???
 Mary Dettloff  00-09-24 03:20
 Robert Dale Anderson  00-09-24 01:17
Landart Intervention - Russian collaborative project
 Luna Nera  00-09-22 00:12
Exploding Dog!
 Roz  00-09-09 16:51
Yahoo Club - Collaborative Art
 Ed Stastny  00-08-14 22:04
Impulse Freak Overload - new piece by LEE
 Ed Stastny  00-08-04 09:01
X-Ray Spex now online
 Kiyotei  00-07-20 03:49
Intellectual Content Collaboration  00-05-25 18:07
Gridcosm down, Gridiosynchrazy up
 Ed Stastny  00-05-21 03:30
Re: Panic
 Ed Stastny  00-05-07 00:30
 Paul LeBrun  00-05-02 15:59
Re: is this (are these) an exquisite corpse(s)?
 Ed Stastny  00-04-20 03:29
What do the shadows mean?
 Ed Stastny  00-03-25 20:02
Science Fair mail art Collage  00-03-06 05:03
Cube and Grid
 Ed Stastny  00-02-28 12:29
Corpse, Arcana and Crosswire are here
 Ed Stastny  00-02-28 09:37
Re: artists wanted in collaboration
 Roz  00-02-07 00:44
Re: artists wanted in collaboration
 Ed Stastny  00-01-13 01:19
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