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Save Our Souls
Created: 12.23.2003
By: Mushtaq Noor / mno
Creator's Tags: political
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Description: (H x W): 32" x 44" Year: 2003 Oil Theme: Surrealism The Sun sent message to its Rays: "Oh my Rays! Since long you are exerting in exile in the gloomy atmospheres of the lowly ever changing world yet the unkindness of Era is adding up and you could not achieve your mission." The Rays cried in reply; "Oh Sun! Though 'The West' has gained access to the secrets of light and they know well importance of light in their lives yet their skies are all covered with heavy smoke rising from their huge complexes busy in piling up heaps of ammunition and WMDs, sitting over which, planning eternal peace for themselves at the cost of humanity, their Rulers are un-slept. In the recent days terrified of their own sinning acts, in the name of their own security, under the cloak of a self-derived, self-defined term 'Terrorism' these over-weening, self-acclaimed reformers of the world are seen beating about the bush, casting their forces fight against hidden warriors turning the entire globe a battlefield, making publics-n-republics feel unsafe, uneasy pushing the world to a war of civilizations known no winner, no end. We feel shy saying further Oh Sun! An adding virtual grim, an outcome of misuse of the fair sex by them, dethroning her of her virtuous status of sister/daughter, meeting their lecherous ends, is also covering their morale skies. She also seems to be happy accepting lewdness as her fate, perhaps forgetting chastity that Holy Mary, The Holy Virgin laid. Don't ask us of 'The East', Oh Sun! Though not immune to the joy of sighting, this part of the world is silent like Lahoot (the world beyond time and space). To cut short, Oh Sun! Despite our vary endeavors the world is unlit, we confess we failed piercing such a heavy grim layer." "Despite your utmost achieving your mission you could not prove to be affective 'Ambassadors', Oh my Rays!" The Sun said, "Better come back home and be absorbed in my heart, the origin of brilliance, leaving the rough and ruin of the querulous cruel world to its fate."

Size: 60 KB / File uploaded: 1.3.2004
Copyright: ('Artist Custom #1 copyright')
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