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galactic human
Created: 4.2.2005
By: Pyr / pyr
Creator's Tags: humanbody manipulation Supernature Science-fiction evolution raytrace Human Nature painting fantasy space Symbolism CGI Computer Graphics graphics illustration dream graphic
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Description: This is an unfinished piece of work focusing on human-kinds speculative celestial evolutionary destiny. The main human head figure was imported into 3DS Max 7 from Poser and has a material placed on it. This material is a drawing which was scanned in and manipulated with photoshop. A variation of this drawing was overlayed onto the forehead. The '3rd eye' on the forehead symbolises the evolution of human consciousness, ie. telepathy, transcendence of the known space-time framework. The spaceship was constructed and rendered using 3DS Max 7 then layered in with the composition in Photoshop. The background nebulae was taken from Hubble space images and manipulated with photoshop. Incorporated with the star background can be found the constellation of Orion, which refer to the Pyramids at Giza that are a mirror image of Orions belt. The planet outline was created as a texture-mapped sphere in 3DS Max 7 and layered in with photoshop. A plan view of the spaceship can be seen entwined within the text/border, the style of which was influenced by the work of Vaughn Oliver.

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