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wait what about me why

By: THE / teh

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Description: That thing when you realize the Pillsbury Doughboy is part of the chess cipher and you facepalm. So you move to Finland cuz duh. DynoMetal!?! leeme lone stop using my Oh Bilbo! my fans are so weird idk whats goin on MRM is the h(tm l)acker totally into my work or butthurt about me hogblocking him lolol meh idc im into more efficient levels of shit talkery right nowfirst micheal jordan and holy crap black spiderman! are wearing my deodarant. i even konked on groundhog day this year but you know that ones classic. wait who am i talking to to oh yeah. haha I stole James Franco lol so what, did you need me to babysit or something? that thing where your level of artistic programming is not even an idea to the person trying to condescend to you and its just irritating enough for you to remind everyone that you are the most Prolific Synch Programmer of all time. That thing where some newbfk doesn't know you could crush them simply by handing them the A section of your portfolio. That thing where youre legendleet then some dork impersonates you and so you like swing yourgaint dick around and snarl idk man. dont be boring? dkwtty -Oh

Size: 454 KB / File uploaded: 3.4.2018 00:19
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