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Started on Jun 20, 2017.
Completed on Jun 21, 2017.

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MRM2 4190 SAZ6

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(level 4191)

Grid poem

plenty of spackle and a tall stepladder and climb down and crawl to the hole that you came from and sit down on your dingy 1998 computer while remodeling the House of the Rising Sun, bawd dew fist covered in blood, tears, and shit. She used to have 5 sons. When her dead sons visit there is nothing there that is them anymore. im not sure lol you pick? my brain is starting to blur im tired lol im thinking and i have to try to fix my life tomorrow haha okee doke oh i got it its felt it caressing my face hold on "I lay there in the sun and felt it caressing my face but there is also... hmm I lay there in the sun and felt it caressing my face. alrighty or unles you think i should wrk a divide by 3 thing in lol' thats actually good because the next line is also something about face That divides by 3 yeah you should copy this entire conversation in and paste it lol yzn was probly born in 1998 lol haha probably only 19 i dare you to copy from her to all the way up where i said um to where you said im not sur you pick lol from here haha where did you say to start people are gonn be like.. wha? from where you said you werent sure why dont i do it all the way to like whenever we stop typing lollllololol hurry before its too long lol i could copy it and paste it here but that wouldnt make sense kinda redundant i can try haha has that ever been done before a massive textiness yeah thers lots of superlong textinesses no yur gonna get introuble for ruining perfect gridcosm lol flaunting concos is a cool way of saying "i have friends" lol convos lol so i will get in trouble? lmao no im eing sarcastic maybe ill just do a portion of it cause im a so fuckin tired haha its like director commentary and goes with the jit message-bored rant thing omg just copy it all and have some balls lol Send a message I took that face off long ago. I even forgot I used to wear it.

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