General Intro

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Welcome to SITO

SITO is a rather complicated organism that extends beyond the Web realm. However, this help file will attempt only to aid you with our main virtual hold-out,

Individual artists

Promoting artists is a major goal of ours, here at SITO. To that end, we've created an open art archive which provides a space online for artists to publish their visuals. We call that section of SITO "the Artchive".


Experimenting with collaboration is also one of our sacred quests. We've come up with a lot of kooky stuff over the years, some of it has even made it out of our brains and onto the site. SITO's collaborative art projects all salute to the banner of Synergy.


Fostering community is important to SITO, so we've set up a number of public Discussion Topics to facilitate mass communication between SITOids. Each articipant on SITO has their very own topic area for discussion of their artwork.


Keeping track of all this can be daunting at times, so SITO has a site-wide News feature. We are also constantly exploring and experimenting with the browsing methods of SITO art, to enhance viewers' ability to see into the sometimes murky waters of SITO.

And much more

There is so much more to SITO, that we could go on for days! But we think it would be more fun for you to poke around yourself. Don't worry, you won't break anything. Maybe even take our SITO Tour.

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The Wikipedia SITO article provides a good background to where SITO came from, and its place in the bigger web.