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301 matches found for The|green|gardens|are|beautiful|photo.

[Artchives] The Mikado (or the Town of Titipu) Altered Original Mikado artwork altered for a more "alternative" look. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Dicey Fish acrylic on wood 15x15cm [0.85]
[Artchives] On the Downs, Herne Bay. Oil paint on canvas. 12" X 19.5" approx. Painted over. [0.85]
[Artchives] OTHER I am other [0.85]
[Artchives] "The Falling" [0.85]
[Artchives] Ripon Small Shops, Knaresborough, W. Yorks. B & W photo. 8" X 10". Enlarged at f/8 for 9 secs. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Lane to the Rose Garden, Temple Newsam, #2. Oil paint on canvas. 5' X 6.5' approx. A commissioned painting based on the sketch, #1. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Broken Wall/ An Escarpment. Oil paint on plywood. 2' X 3' approx. Painted with the assistance and advice of Ged Melling. Based ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Death of Socrates Socrates accepts the hemlock in prison before a group of his followers, o/linen 30x36 [0.85]
[Artchives] Seek Within and Find the Universe Painting [0.85]
[Artchives] Green Bacon and Ham-hock Many filters used for this one. My favorite technique was using the wind filter and rotating 90 ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Lawn Cottage, Oxenden Square, Herne Bay. Oil paint on canvas. 18" X 24". A commission. Sold. [0.85]
[Artchives] Woman in a Feathered Hat #2, after Monet. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 12" X 16". A photocopy of my version, which is based on a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] #X8, 'Creation of the Wind' Oil on canvas (230cm x 100cm [0.85]
[Artchives] ANSWERS ARE NOT ANSWERS Answers are not answers they are only questions [0.85]
[Artchives] Cozy night, dancing around the fireplace. Doodle [0.85]
[Artchives] I'd Rather Be Ropin' and Ridin' A brightly colored oil painting of a cowgirl who would rather be out on her horse than be stuck ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Dragon and the Lady This is one of my drawings inspired by many fantasy elements. I love dragons and the like. I added ... [0.85]
[Artchives] couple in the park none [0.85]
[Artchives] Scene by a bridge over the River Wharfe, W. Yorks. B & W photo. 8" X 10". Enlarged at f/8 for 6 secs. [0.85]
[Artchives] Beware of Owner Used as the back color cover of Anarchy #38, Fall '93. A golden crab man guards his watery domain. [0.85]
[Artchives] The walking nude This girl was walking a line in a naturalist's camp. I like the way she walks, the fingers helper ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Gene Maelstrom & the Tree of Life! Basis: own variant of fractal formula and painting. Originating at [0.85]
[Artchives] woman at the door none [0.85]
[Artchives] Mother and Baby This tender scene was created by careful lighting [0.85]
[Artchives] The Four Fathoms, Herne Bay, Kent Oil Paint on paper. 22" X 25". The first of a short series of similar images. [0.85]
[Artchives] Spirit of the Flame Out of ordinary fractal formulas arises the great spirit. [0.85]
[Artchives] Jane Hamilton, wife of the 9th Lord Cathcart & daughter, after Reynolds. Tempera, Soft pastel and Oil pastel on paper. 22" X 30". Based on my photo of the original in ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Journey of Our Lives - Leads Us Back to the Truths In Our Hearts Ceramic [0.85]
[Artchives] The Tower Takes a Vacation Images with this Tower in them, are bountiful in my home town. So many, in fact, that I figured it ... [0.85]
[Artchives] A CAT IN The Rain Cartoony cat licks itself in digital rain. [0.85]
[Artchives] Scared of Suffocation Text by Agnostic and Cthulu layered beneath demoscene fire-effects by Candide. All from Mistigris. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Gardens by the Baths, Harrogate, W. Yorks. B & W photo. 8" X 10" approx. Enlarged at f/8 for 15 secs. with filter no.3. [0.85]
[Artchives] She puts on an apron and tries to rid the house of vermin. Doodle [0.85]
[Artchives] Southern Utah An imaginary place in Southern Utah. Pixel Painting copyright 1995 by Robert D. Feldman [0.85]
[Artchives] Frog on the Switchboard Bricks in their hair, patch cords flying. [0.85]
[Artchives] In the tune of G Colorful repeating shapes in the tune of G. [0.85]
[Artchives] 'From the Book of Changes' [0.85]
[Artchives] Kilroy - You are Here [0.85]
[Artchives] The Lobby After a painting by Georges de La Tour, updated version Oil and Composition Leaf on Canvas, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Jamie Lee on the sea-saw Jamie Lee, a girl that loves to play and have joy. Here she is shown on the sea-saw. [0.85]
[Artchives] red stare acrylic on cardboard [0.85]
[Artchives] Landstat Photo Monotyped in gouache on 15x20" watercolor paper, cropped and manipulated using Photoshop. [0.85]
[Artchives] The All Seeing Eye This looped Raytraced animation depicts a eye encased in a crystal pyramid. the pyramid spins ... [0.85]
[Artchives] HEAL THE EARTH This image was the design for a New Age CD and Cassette. This is basic photo manipulaltion and the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Victory's pinnace. 8" X 10" approx. Photographed at light level 14.5, aperture f/16, exposure 1/125 sec. Enlarged ... [0.85]
[Artchives] TheFish This photograph was made in my photography II class (instructor: Linda Rossi). I always wanted to ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Jay's in the room Lively futuristic stlye living space. [0.85]
[Artchives] Caught in the Rain From Boston Downtown Crossing Series. A sudden summer downpour has people scurrying for cover. ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Left to their own devices Fractals dont have to look like the coast of norway ya'know. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Fez Pick Up Joint, Casbah-Steam acrylic on wood 15x15cm [0.85]
[Artchives] 71 The Street, Boughton, Kent. Oil paint on canvas. 18" X 24". A commission from the owner. [0.85]
[Artchives] BreathoftheDragon coiling tubular cloud ablaze [0.85]
[Artchives] Self_Portrait with the Immaculate Heart of Mary Newest example of work. These self-portraits, depicting myself as a series of female saints, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Splendid Splinter [0.85]
[Artchives] Mister Squeeky (Still photo) Engraved brass and silver automaton. He toils, and he does spin. Inspired by a visit to the Cabaret [0.85]
[Artchives] The Return of Dionysus Dionysus and consorts return to a bacchanale at a cave, o/linen 48x60 [0.85]
[Artchives] Beside the Lake A girl in a tank of water crouches beside a misty lake. Three flowers with faces stare ahead. There [0.85]
[Artchives] The Next Tolstoy (journal) NPR annoints the "next Joyce" and the artist tints himself. [0.85]
[Artchives] the pride is back.2 Mid-Eastern woman holding screaming child, overlayed with American Flag and a parade of smiling ... [0.85]
[Artchives] green italian sports car Symptoms of a prolific stage [0.85]
[Artchives] In the garden of 81, St. Annes Lane, Leeds. Oil paint on paper. 22" X 30". A sketch made from a pencil study and on the spot. [0.85]
[Artchives] Pedaling to the Vanishing Point A girl on her bicycle heads for more exciting horizons. Used on the cover of the Alternative Press [0.85]
[Artchives] Home by the Sea (pt 2) Part 2 - Home by the Sea, the 5 circles [0.85]
[Artchives] Bather Morning Light Nude at a mountain lake, o/linen 18x22 [0.85]
[Artchives] The Barnett House Commissioned in 1985 by the Barnett family, this pencil drawing depicts the Colonial style family ... [0.85]
[Artchives] View from Sussex Beacon, after photo taken by N. Hapgood. Pastel. 12" X 18". [0.85]
[Artchives] The Way, II This is a variation on "The Way, I", in which I have chosen a fractal that has internal structure, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Boy in the Bubble A pure fantasy evocative of memories of early childhood... [0.85]
[Artchives] Byron, the Patriot Pencil drawing of an American hero. (Sold/Private Collection) [0.85]
[Artchives] woman reading on a green couch oil pastels [0.85]
[Artchives] Sunlight In The Trees Fractal branches stretch forth into the digital life-giver, catching and utilising every last ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Home by the Sea (pt 1) Part 1 - Home by the Sea, ruuning this idea by Kuan Yin, while napping with Meshuggeneh [0.85]
[Artchives] The USA Deal acrylic on wood 15x15cm [0.85]
[Artchives] Scare "scare" Birds in a pond. Oilpaint on paper, size 30cm x 40cm. [0.85]
[Artchives] Who's the Photographer? A photo of my wife Marina that I took on a recent trip to Russia. [0.85]
[Artchives] Scene combining features from the work of four artists. 24" X 24". Oil paint on canvas. The four artists are Watteau, Fuseli, De Loutherbourg and Giorgio ... [0.85]
[Artchives] There's an Anti-Gravity Camera in the room An Anti-Gravity Camera casts shadows on pine. [0.85]
[Artchives] The view overlooking the Beer Garden, The Dolphin Hotel. Charcoal and oil paint on plywood. 24" X 24". The scene outside my room. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Cycle of Samsara Stages of life, o/c 45x50 [0.85]
[Artchives] The apple A dream of rotten apples. [0.85]
[Artchives] Dance of the Jellies Digital manipulation of a color image taken at one of my favorite haunts, the Monterey Bay ... [0.85]
[Artchives] View by the memorial, Memorial Park, Herne Bay. Pastel. 12" X 16.5" approx. [0.85]
[Artchives] Houdini Series/In the Driver's Seat Commentary about American over-reliance on credit cards. [0.85]
[Artchives] The River Clyde river, bridge, sky and architecture near Glascow [0.85]
[Artchives] Swan in the Pond Swan in a pond at the Houston Zoo; Houston, Texas. [0.85]
[Artchives] Jack in the Box Ceramics [0.85]
[Artchives] While the teacher's away... IRTC Entry Mar-Apr '97 Topic - School [0.85]
[Artchives] The Baby Boomer Mom Lost her mind at Woodstock... among other things. [0.85]
[Artchives] girl in the wind none [0.85]
[Artchives] Eye of the '57 This is a watercolor study for an oil painting that I've been working on for a few months. It's ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Abraham's Vision of the Holocaust paint on paper, 8.5x11, Abraham ( performs a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Tara Series These four limited edition prints by Dale Pline comprise the "Tara Series". Jonesboro, Georgia, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Headingley Water Treatment Plant, the purification tank. Tempera. 5.25" X 7.5". Scanned from the original. [0.85]
[Artchives] Inquisition of the Flies Who are you, why IAM here, is who you are where ....bzzzzzzzz [0.85]
[Artchives] The design flying from a vase. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 20" X 24". Based on my pastel study of a vase and fireplace. [0.85]
[Artchives] the latest shipload A number of oil-barrels set up in a triangular formation with the head-barrel labelled PRODUCT OF ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Before the Storm The majesty of an evening storm on Baldhead Island, NC! [0.85]
[Artchives] The Hot House, Canal Gardens. Oil paint on paper. 14" X 18". Both this and the other example of the same title are based on the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Bankside on the River Wharfe. Soft Pastel. 14" X 21.5". Produced from a sketch and the associated b & w photo, entry no. 133. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Crow 2 Color airbrushing of a drawing of "Crow" by James O'Barr. Pens: O'Barr, Paints: Widmark. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Broken Blue Egg The Broken Blue Egg. Pixel Painting ©Robert D. Feldman [0.85]
[Artchives] the pride is back.1 Scene of sickening carnage backdropped by American Flag. [0.85]
[Artchives] A Photo of Kansas This looks like it came right off the cover of a Kansas travel brochure. The sun beating through a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Monster and R acrylic on masonite - for details go to . [0.85]
[Artchives] The Cliff Railway Station, Bridgnorth. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 13" X 18". The underpainting for the coloured painting of the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Purple and Green Your interpretation. Pixel Painting copyright by Robert D. Feldman. [0.85]
[Artchives] Verdillia in the Mountains Verdillia the dragon overlooks a mountain view in one of her many travels through the dimensions. ... [0.85]
[Artchives] "The Dreamer" [0.85]
[Artchives] The Cruelty Experiment A woman (the captor) sits upon a man/beast proffering a key to some naked men locked inside a glass [0.85]
[Artchives] Trees by Harehills Cemetary. Oil on oil primed board. 12" X 17". [0.85]
[Artchives] The Entrance 20" x 24" limited edition Duraflex print. [0.85]
[Artchives] Penthesillia Exstatic body bears breasts while flailing appendages. [0.85]
[Artchives] Weathered Rock Weathered coastal rock, with water; Oahu. [0.85]
[Artchives] Portrait of the Picasso Family One of many experiments based on some strange algorithms I've developed. [0.85]
[Artchives] Father & Son My first attempt at portrait photography in studio. I setup a studio at home using the equipment ... [0.85]
[Artchives] How I Felt After The Stitches Were Removed From My Ass A smiling 3-D markered and water colored soul surrounded by flowers, actual size 9x20 inches [0.85]
[Artchives] Nude in at the beach A drawing of a nude in the sand of the b each. [0.85]
[Artchives] There's a Nazi in the room... The sinster image of a seriously-solarized "nazi" decorates the grungy brown room. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Stark Fist of Removal It's a fist, and it removes. [0.85]
[Artchives] BareFoot Techniqes (Duec Remix II) Break down the barriers of interpolated fear and anxiety, jump into the deep well of peculiar, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Fish Pond at Sherman Gardens Fish in pond in tropical greenhouse. Demo painting from a watercolor class I took on a field trip. [0.85]
[Artchives] Midnight In The Burial Grounds Midnight In The Burial Grounds" is a 29k JPEG image whose dimensions are 768 x 768. "Burial ... [0.85]
[Artchives] A Sign of the Times This was a piece of student work I did during a Graphic Design III class at UNK. [0.85]
[Artchives] CA-Photo-Annual Color from 8x10 transparency. "I think that photography is the perfect marriage of art and science. [0.85]
[Artchives] Pushing the threshold Pushing through into another dimension... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Dream viscious female growls as her hair blows out behind her [0.85]
[Artchives] Leather and Rust Collage made using various JPEG texture files. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Geezers I did this cartoon for a flyer that advertised a game between the current Legion baseball team and ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Wave. Oil paint on card. 18" X 24". [0.85]
[Artchives] Koko and the Milky Way Photoshop creation. Kokopelli in the lunar sky. [0.85]
[Artchives] the sanitation worker's back alley plight stylized garbage man cautiously opens a can of refuse while wielding a large rubber mallet [0.85]
[Artchives] Boy at the beach This wonderful and harmonious scene of a boy playing or catching fish with arrows appealed greatly ... [0.85]
[Artchives] At the Theatre At the Theatre. Pixel Painting ©Robert D. Feldman [0.85]
[Artchives] Girl sitting on the ground A scene I like very much. Quickly drawn - not as minutely as I use to draw. But the scene is nice ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The First Time Remember the first time? [0.85]
[Artchives] Part of the beach, Herne Bay. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 12" X 16". [0.85]
[Artchives] Child at the beach A child at the beach. [0.85]
[Artchives] The end of Antic The end of the Antic - Antic crash [0.85]
[Artchives] Detail from 'The Haywain', after Gainsborough. Pastel on burnt sienna tinted paper. 13" X 20". From a reproduction. Sold. [0.85]
[Artchives] Power of the Hand Close-up of hand. [0.85]
[Artchives] the Wishing tree for 1998 World Artists for Tibet exhibit, Northhampton, MA. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Boston Opera House From the Boston CityScape Series. An unexpected surprise on a cold November morning. Color C print ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Bishopstone Glen looking into the Cut. Graphite charcoal. 12" X 14". Scanned from the original. The drawing has been cropped by 1" on the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Memory of the School of Visual Arts This was a contact sheet I made in Foundation Year photography class. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Tides of Reality Swirling thoughts, confusing me every day. A pictorial description of what my pathetic high school ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Citadel The courtyard of the Citadel in N.C. [0.85]
[Artchives] Leather_Mayor Rudy Giuliani should not download this picture, as he may be offended. [0.85]
[Artchives] Scatch in the street train I did some studies during my way to the academy of art. People reading, sitting. Just going by the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Together at the End Two penguins, safe from the madness (they have each other) [0.85]
[Artchives] The Mind Boils Over "heat till it justs starts to boil... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Tear Pencil drawing (Available) [0.85]
[Artchives] Jessi on the Couch Jessi was home from college. A tired girl, she probably had too much fun the night before. [0.85]
[Artchives] Jova [The Jova Machineries] A render of a great space port in a projected dimension. Silicon beings communicate with terran ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Death of the Endless Portrait of Death of the Endless. Based on the character from Vertigo’s "Sandman" comic. Complete ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Baby Boomer Dad Just another old fart wishing he were still young, but acting like it anyway. [0.85]
[Artchives] Vine Cathedral Vine Cathedral" is a 76k JPEG image whose dimensions are 800 x 600. "Vine Cathedral" is an early ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Confessional This is one of my more recent works. It is based on a combination of scanned magazine images and 3D [0.85]
[Artchives] Hannah in the wild west Hannah not on a real explosive box, but on one in the Isle of Wight in England. [0.85]
[Artchives] Plasma Pool - The Water of Life Lightning, orbs and scrabing cosmos. Most of the work for this image was done with Picture ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The cult drink: a blue cocktail, on the rocks. acrylic on wood 15x15cm [0.85]
[Artchives] where has the time gone? big ben style alarm clock questions his location whilst consulting a map for directions [0.85]
[Artchives] Green Green is symbolic of Earth, and complements red, as the symbolic colour of love. This collage is a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Mister Squeeky (Detail - still photo) Detail of engraved base: engraved brass and silver automaton. He toils, and he does spin. Inspired ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Feast of the Upright Ink on paper, 8.5x11, Based on traditional Jewish sources, this drawing depicts saints enjoying a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Mask woman with a low-cut dress stares fetchingly into the peeping monitor [0.85]
[Artchives] The Abbey, Reading. Watercolour. 10" X 12". About 2" is missing either side of this image, which was scanned directly ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Beefcake the Mighty Portraits of the members of GWAR, a Metal/Punk Band. [0.85]
[Artchives] A girl playing in the sand This girl from the neighborhood was to be admired very often for she was always playing. She never ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Car The view through my eyes... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Dolphin Hotel, Herne Bay. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 20" X 24". A 1790's pub, viewed from about the same angle as the [0.85]
[Artchives] The Pipes of Time Control Had to keep the pipes spinning somehow, so I just stuck them to the face of a clock and wove ... [0.85]
[Artchives] THE NEST II Hornet's nest; Mixed media on paper. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Artery [0.85]
[Artchives] Man in A Green Toga This is an acrylyc painting on canvas, 40" high X 32" long. A rather somber fellow. Probably a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Woman in the sun A woman like standing at a wall. In the sun. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Rose Garden. B & W photo. 8" X 10" approx. Enlarged at f/11 for 8.5 secs. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Mikado (or the Town of Titipu) "Promotional Poster" for the original performance of The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan [0.85]
[Artchives] the two sides [0.85]
[Artchives] Riverbank, Knaresborough, W. Yorks. 10" X 13.5". Watercolour. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Long Wait . We have been waiting for centuries, and the gray cloud, the enemy, has been coming to us for ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Landscape in Normandy, from a photo in a guidebook. Oil paint on Daler board. 12" X 16" approx. 1977. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Gatehouse at Castle Park, Whitstable, #2. Oil paint on canvas. 16" X 20". [0.85]
[Artchives] Cheif of the Coffee Pot Keep the caffiene coming! [0.85]
[Artchives] View of Low Town by the Bridge, Bridgnorth. Oil Pastel. 14" X 20" approx. [0.85]
[Artchives] Beauty in the sun I liked this nude scene, so I drew it with much detail. It looks relaxed and mild in a way. The ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Green Alien Eye Your interpretation Pixel Painting by Robert D. Feldman Copyright 1995 [0.85]
[Artchives] The White Wells, Ilkley, W. Yorks. B & W photo. 8" X 10" approx. Enlarged at f/8 for 15 secs. [0.85]
[Artchives] Over the Garden Wall An old conservative woman in a blue suit machine-guns down some wild flowers in a garden. The ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Outlook - Bringing the Sky to You Coloured cube with a sky texture surface floating on a greyscale desert background. Depicts how the [0.85]
[Artchives] Eggs of the Gods Traced clipart applied to oblong shapes and rendered with spherical filter. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Attic Drawing of a strange insect sitting on a stool playing an electric oboe. This image is featured on ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Railway at Headingley. Tempera. 5.5" X 6" approx. [0.85]
[Artchives] Wedding Circle - The Making First hand drawn, scanned, then Adobe Photoshop colored in steps. Gif Constructions Set aided in ... [0.85]
[Artchives] (no more) Care-Girl Hollow insides and imprisonment inside one's own head. This drawing is in reaction to a recent ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Portrait of Margaret. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 12" X 16". Painted during an art class at Margate's Swarthmore ... [0.85]
[Artchives] naked greed, closet capitalism, you & me ( another installation view) The evil corprate raider... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Pond, Memorial Park, Herne Bay #1. Oil paint on canvas. 20" X 20". Sold. [0.85]
[Artchives] O.C.Landscape Series II/Creating Open Space in the 21st Century Developer robot uproots a brand new tract to put in a park. There is nothing old to tear down and ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Smack, Middle Wall, Whitstable. Oil paint on canvas. 14" X 18". Sold. [0.85]
[Artchives] Horace the Dragon Horace the Dragon reads one of his books near a snow covered castle. Painted in Adobe Photoshop. ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Gatehouse and Museum, Castle Gardens, Whitstable, #1. Oil paint on canvas. 20" X 24". A commission. Sold. [0.85]
[Artchives] Where's the TV? Where's the TV? Pixel Painting ©Robert D. Feldman [0.85]
[Artchives] Gabriel, the Driving Force Pencil drawing of Gabe, the drummer for the band Nefarion. (Available) [0.85]
[Artchives] The door of no.111, Central Parade, Herne Bay. Watercolour paint and pencil. 7" X 7". [0.85]
[Artchives] REKA - THE RIVER Video still from THE RIVER 8 MIN. SEE [0.85]
[Artchives] The Razor's Edge A sharp-edged abstract work, created for a rave flyer. As with all my other work, this one reflects [0.85]
[Artchives] Cloth and Rocks (Abstract on the theme of textural differences). Oil paint and build-up made of coarse sand. 14.5" X 20". [0.85]
[Artchives] The 'castle', Castle Gardens, Whitstable. Oil paint on canvas. 20" X 24". The folly built in the 1790's by a local copperas magnate. Now used [0.85]
[Artchives] Iolanthe (Or The Peer and the Peri) Poster "Promotional" Poster for Gilbert and Sullivan's "Iolanthe [0.85]
[Artchives] The Psychical Mechanism Digital mixed media from a 75 piece series exploring Freudian duality. Copyright 1995 W L Carr [0.85]
[Artchives] crimson1 - In the Court of the Crimson King 1 Based on a photo I took in the Louvre. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Seer Scanned my face with a scanner and added a transparency layer of a distorted 3.5 inch floppy disk. [0.85]
[Artchives] removal of the bejesus unseen entity frightens this poor naked man so badly, pointed lines of terror escape from his ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Breather Breather" is a 473k MPEG animation with 32 frames and dimensions of 160 x 120. "Breather" is based ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Chapter house in the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral. Pen & ink. 9" X 10". [0.85]
[Artchives] Ground Zero at the Used Car Lot My first digital collage -- a little jaggedy, but I would be too if I were a mackerel landing face ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Untitled (Green Angel) This image is one of a large collection of religious statuary photos that I have manipulated, I'm ... [0.85]
[Artchives] A Prayer to St. Judas... Father and Son No.1 Virtual painting in shadowy virtual gallery space. [0.85]
[Artchives] Natalie, the ballerina A 9 year old girl who loves to be a ballerina. Her mom is from Brazil, but her dad is a German. [0.85]
[Artchives] "Into the Grass" [0.85]
[Artchives] cat on the roof none [0.85]
[Artchives] Phillipe J. de Loutherbourg, after an engraving by H. Meyer. Red chalk on grey backed paper. 12" X 16" approx. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Pond, Memorial Park, Herne Bay #2. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 14" X 18". Sold. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Drinking Fountain and Sundial, Waltrop Gardens. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 10" X 12". Like the other study of the fountain this was scanned [0.85]
[Artchives] Girl at the beach A girl at the beach with her T-shirt. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Village Wedding, after Watteau. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 24" X 30". A sketch based on a reproduction. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Private Show Digital mixed media from a 75 piece series exploring Freudian duality. Copyright 1995 W L Carr [0.85]
[Artchives] Girl's in their best dress [0.85]
[Artchives] The Musee d'Art, Boulogne, after Monet. Oil paint on canvas. 18" X 24". The study was unfinished. Painted over. [0.85]
[Artchives] The riverbank opposite Bolton Abbey, Wharfedale. B & W photo. 9" X 12" approx. Enlarged at f/8 for 7 secs. [0.85]
[Artchives] Movie Camera's in the room The camera floats above other raytraced paraphenalia. [0.85]
[Artchives] Bather Plastilina - 9x7x3", woman bathing with mirror for effect [0.85]
[Artchives] The Devils Music acrylic on wood 15x15cm [0.85]
[Artchives] The Year of the French. Oil paint on paper. 25" X 35". [0.85]
[Artchives] threatening the serbs Clinton's Housing & Education Agenda, fighter planes fly over destroyed Bosnia. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Reverend and Mrs. Foont Two members of the Radical Religious Right. [0.85]
[Artchives] Leopard in the Shade Leopard resting under a shade tree at the Houston Zoo; Houston, Texas. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Long Goodbye Expressionistic depiction of one of life's little dramas. [0.85]
[Artchives] 'Near The Gate' [0.85]
[Artchives] The King Uh huh huh. Yeah yeah. I'm all shook up. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Folly in Becket Park , Leeds. Contact print. Another view of the Queen Victoria gate. [0.85]
[Artchives] the joker The way I would draw the Joker. Just his head, with ball point pen on looseleaf paper. [0.85]
[Artchives] Stream Gardens, Ilkley. B & W photo. 8" X 10" approx. Enlarged at f/5.6 for 15 secs. using filter no.G3 (i.e. underexposed). [0.85]
[Artchives] The Conservatory, Harrogate Gardens. B & W photo. 8" X 10" approx. Enlarged at f/8 for 23 secs. using filter no.G3. [0.85]
[Artchives] Bend over nude in the water. I like this relaxed scene. Nude views that look most natural and give no hint to any sexuality is ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Home at the Met Graphite 8" x 7" Collection of Phillip Garcia, Fort Worth, Texas [0.85]
[Artchives] Calling from another dimension This 3-dimensional fellow has had the fortune, or misfortune to have been transported to a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Glasgow Green Full moon over Glasgow Green [0.85]
[Artchives] The Old Neptune (close up). Oil paint on canvas covered board. 14" X 18". A view of the opposite side of the pub from that used [0.85]
[Artchives] The Deadly Daddy Longlegs You know the Daddy Longlegs is niether harmless, nor a spider. It's harmless to humans, although it [0.85]
[Artchives] The Old Neptune, Whitstable. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 14" X 20". A pub about 100 yards from Pearson's Crab & Oyster ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Pools at Warm Springs Created after a visit to Warm Springs, VA and experiencing the silent healing waters of the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] girl in the sands photograph of a female nude playing the sand like a grand piano [0.85]
[Artchives] The Lane to the Rose Garden, Temple Newsam, nr. Leeds, #1. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 16" X 20". A sketch made on the spot. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Pyrochlore Structure of Mercuric Pyro-antimonate #1. Tempera on cream coloured paper. 10" X 15.5". Scanned from the original. The picture has been ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Toward the Third Millennium Done for the cover of a Catholic magazine, never published. [0.85]
[Artchives] Boy with the Dog [0.85]
[Artchives] A view from the Blind Garden, Roundhay Park, Leeds, W. Yorks. Soft Pastel. 15" X 20" approx. The far right of the picture includes seating for the cricket ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Natalie, the ballerina Another drawing (but done much faster) showing Natalie, the little ballerina. Her mom wanted her to [0.85]
[Artchives] The Way, I This is a variation on a piece I did for a friend of Japanese heritage. It is my interpretation of ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Hot House, Canal Gardens, Roundhay Park, Leeds. Oil paint on paper. 14" X 18". Sold. [0.85]
[Artchives] Written on the body Lessons in and out of school. [0.85]
[Artchives] Jizmac the Gusher Portraits of the members of GWAR, a Metal/Punk Band. This is the drummer. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Discovery of Ariadne Dionysus and his musician consorts discover Ariadne sleeping on a mountain top [0.85]
[Artchives] The memorial, Memorial Park, Herne Bay. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 14" X 18". Painted over. [0.85]
[Artchives] The candle painting I pained this picture before studying art. It was in the winter and I had long hair in those days. ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Bell Tower, White Cloth Hall. B & W photo. 9" X 12" approx. Enlarged at f/8 for 4 secs. using filter no.5. [0.85]
[Artchives] The River Wharfe at Knaresborough. 10" X 13.5". Watercolour. [0.85]
[Artchives] WhDeathEndBig1 Overview of the western end of the sun path. At the top sudden death comes as a lightning crack ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Epic Argon of Epic and Cthulu of Mistigris accompany a fantastic ANSI tapestry with two metaphysical ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Eye of Infinity The Ankh of The Future and The Ankh of The Past form The Eye of Infinity [0.85]
[Artchives] The Baby Boomers' Baby Boy He'd be a head-bangin' rock n' roll star if he could only sing or play an instrument. He's in ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Model posing as member of the Jewish faith (rabbi?) at prayer. Oil pastel on paper. 20" X 24". The model was posing for members of Leeds Painting & Sketching Club. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Fountain, Waltrop Gardens, Herne Bay. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 16" X 20". Abstract based on a pencil study of the fountain. ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Margaret River Bridge in the beautiful South West of Western Australia This is one of many of my impressionist images. I start with my original photo and use painting ... [0.85]
[Artchives] #11, 'The Seed' Oil on canvas (200cm x 160cm [0.85]
[Artchives] The Ascension of the Medieval Ideal (journal) Statement of purpose and the appropriate dress for serious writers. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Old Farts Basketball League In their case "dribbling" has a whole 'nother meaning. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Rose Garden, Temple Newsam. B & W photo. 8" X 10" approx. Enlarged at f/11 for 7 secs. [0.85]
[Artchives] Woman in a Feathered Hat #1, after Monet. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 12" X 16". A photocopy of my version, which is based on a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Great American Beyond (journal) Poetry of the Rapture and a picture of a sketchy horse-thing. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Many Faces of Cthulu A spontaneous sit-down series of portraits of myself by the parties entertaining me in Stockholm - ... [0.85]
[Artchives] 08 monkey @ the beach Symptoms of a prolific stage [0.85]
[Artchives] Soon Summer Shall Return And You Will Eat All The Pears Off The Tree Again, Oh Hornet A horny hornet drawn in crayon and backed by water color, actual size 9x12 inches [0.85]
[Artchives] The Compartment Imagine being transported to another dimension and having to wait here for an interminable period ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Potato Eater (Is that trademarked?) All she's eaten for months are potatoes and poems. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Crow Pencil drawing of James O'Barr's "Crow". [0.85]
[Artchives] The Lionschair I was roaming the local cemetery with my camera and set my coat on this chair. I walked off and ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Broken Path, Woodhouse Ridge, Leeds. B & W photo. 9" X 12" approx. Taken at ground level, overlooking Armley from a bomb-damaged suburb ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The conversion of Mercuric Meta-antimonate to Mercuric Pyro-antimonate. Oil paint on canvas. 12" X 19.5" approx. Depicts the use of mercuric nitrate solution in the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The Class Pastel painting inspired by newspaper photo. [0.85]
[Artchives] The Celebration of Life Dance/Bacchanale, o/masonite [0.85]
[Artchives] Not on the Map A woman in a scarf and mittens clutches a map. She has just crossed a bridge. Beside her is a wall ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Cathexis Digital mixed media from a 75 piece series exploring Freudian duality. Copyright 1995 W L Carr [0.85]
[Artchives] Part of the Beer Garden, The Dolphin Hotel. Pen & ink on watercolour paper. 8" X 10". [0.85]
[Artchives] Rodanthe Chiaroscuro on the second floor of the life-saving station at Rodanthe, N.C. [0.85]
[Artchives] yet another dragon (fabric paint on baseball cap) My new hat for the year of the dragon - supposedly lucky for ... [0.85]
[Artchives] The production of antimonic acid. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 12" X 16". [0.85]
[Artchives] The 100 Steps, on the path to Reculver. Soft pastel. 12" X 17". The study for the associated oil painting. [0.85]
[Artchives] The White Horse, Herne Bay. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 16" X 20". A representation using 'false' (or impossible) ... [0.85]

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