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299 matches found for city|foto|Paris|photo.

[Artchives] City Traced photo with line tool using layers and filled with texture/color in Photoshop. [0.85]
[Artchives] this is a tree i made in photoshop. This tree is a gif. It's cause I was gifin' it wrong is why the colors are like that. And I'm all, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris in December Ektachrome [0.85]
[Artchives] city sprawl I moved to New York in 1996. I think I did this not too much later, in Brooklyn. The photo is ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Citygrid (destroyed) Acrylic on canvas [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris, metro scanned black and white negatives [0.85]
[Artchives] Illuminated City: Tribe, Ego, Heart, & Beyond Created as part of an invitational group show at ArtSpace Gallery in Richmond, VA entitled "The ... [0.85]
[Artchives] City of Death The City of Death is made out of synthetic rubber & smells like children's aspirin. markers & paper. [0.85]
[Artchives] Saturn Cyborg City This was an original watercolor, gauche and colored pencil on vellum paper... I have scanned and ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Sleeping City Acrylic and mixed media on the board. 50.75 x 40.5 cm. [0.85]
[Artchives] In Paris Photography [0.85]
[Artchives] Landstat Photo Monotyped in gouache on 15x20" watercolor paper, cropped and manipulated using Photoshop. [0.85]
[Artchives] The First Experimental City (Belfast) Video, 5 min. Based on a text by Ivan Chteglov, "Formulary for a New Urbanism" [0.85]
[Artchives] Epicity 2 Epicity [eh-piss-uh-tee] - the state and extent of being experiential, participatory, image-driven, [0.85]
[Artchives] Family Photo Crazy doctor's family [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris Series 2005 [0.85]
[Artchives] City III New York City in a "Dharma Box", 3"*5" [0.85]
[Artchives] Mister Squeeky (Still photo) Engraved brass and silver automaton. He toils, and he does spin. Inspired by a visit to the Cabaret [0.85]
[Artchives] In Paris Photography [0.85]
[Artchives] Banner Ad placed at Smile City Working around the maximum image size allowable for an ad by adding some animation. I'm partial to ... [0.85]
[Artchives] View from Sussex Beacon, after photo taken by N. Hapgood. Pastel. 12" X 18". [0.85]
[Artchives] Simplicity part 3 Here comes the feet [0.85]
[Artchives] A Lubricated Rubber Glove and Pornographic Photos of A Decapitated Chinese Hooker Photoshop 7. 2 Hours. Something that makes you think WTF ?!?!?! [0.85]
[Artchives] "Windy City" page header Spot illustration I did for my newest zine, TEMPORARY RELOCATION PROJECT. This zine is about my two [0.85]
[Artchives] A pool of stagnant water has no wave, but also has the spring wind swing.(landscape photography 一潭死水全无浪,也有春风摆动时。(风景摄影) A pool of stagnant water has no wave, but also has the spring wind swing.(landscape photography ... [0.85]
[Artchives] comparison 01 Grey-scale image generated by the max (or min) of some trig-filled functions. [0.85]
[Artchives] Who's the Photographer? A photo of my wife Marina that I took on a recent trip to Russia. [0.85]
[Artchives] In Paris [0.85]
[Artchives] vector city acrylic on canvas [0.85]
[Artchives] Guy with Fetus in a City Stylised figures, man, floating fetus and a cat-thing. [0.85]
[Artchives] night city occular [0.85]
[Artchives] Aman Bloom, Synchronicity Scout Self-portrait (detail) [0.85]
[Artchives] City No Breath Digital Urbanscape [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris Tejas Cowboy - Original Assemblage Mixed media assemblage 13" x 9" x 1.5" [0.85]
[Artchives] Photo Montage - Greg Summers My friend from ArtWanted. He takes breath takingly beautiful photographs. His artwork can be viewed [0.85]
[Artchives] Photo composed 1995 or 1996, Casio 10 [0.85]
[Artchives] A Photo of Kansas This looks like it came right off the cover of a Kansas travel brochure. The sun beating through a ... [0.85]
[Artchives] City of Destruction Flyer sketch for the City of Destruction installation piece. Originally was to occur in March 2005, [0.85]
[Artchives] One Day In Paris Mixed Media on Canvas 40 x 60 Cm [0.85]
[Artchives] Gland : The Annual Photo Exhibit Low digital Photo Sketch [0.85]
[Artchives] Finding a Strawberry in the City photo-manipulation [0.85]
[Artchives] Andrea, Not Smiling, The Photo [0.85]
[Artchives] THE CITY ON MY MIND NEW YORK Ink [0.85]
[Artchives] Long water (landscape photography) 细水长流 (风光摄影) 取材于中国广州一公园.Long water (landscape photography) 细水长流 (风光摄影) [0.85]
[Artchives] from album photo ink airbrush on bristol paper [0.85]
[Artchives] CA-Photo-Annual Color from 8x10 transparency. "I think that photography is the perfect marriage of art and science. [0.85]
[Artchives] To The City Collage / Train+ City view [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris jpg [0.85]
[Artchives] atlantic city - arcade pier bw photo. [0.85]
[Artchives] City of Satellites Scanned hand drawn art reworked in illustrator then brought into photshop for final tweek. -ibid [0.85]
[Artchives] Beachcombed ceramic with photographer's shadow Beachcombed ceramic and domino tiles set in square foot and photographed, with the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Dry Falls By Coulee City WA taken in the fall of 2006 this picture was shot from the cliffs above, looking down to great ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris 2005 Collage of Photos, 2005 [0.85]
[Artchives] city of angels Yverdon by night [0.85]
[Artchives] Capitalis City Night and me. Digital painting [0.85]
[Artchives] girl in window - spherized photo A mozaic made with spheres, ray-traced in POV-Ray. [0.85]
[Artchives] 'PHOTO-SCAPE'. Oil paint on canvas. [0.85]
[Artchives] City Walk Caf Commissioned by Matt Sheffield Denver, CO Oil on Canvas - 108" x 72" [0.85]
[Artchives] Earth Day 2006 Poster for City Repair, Portland Welp, here's one I did for City Repair, a cool non-profit group here in Portland that specializes ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Mister Squeeky (Detail - still photo) Detail of engraved base: engraved brass and silver automaton. He toils, and he does spin. Inspired ... [0.85]
[Artchives] bullet - spherized photo A mozaic made with spheres, ray-traced in POV-Ray. [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris Sold Acrylic on Canvas - 9" x 12" [0.85]
[Artchives] Radu Stern of the Vevey Photography School Low digital photo drawing. Unimportant programs and the Casio 10. I added the fly. [0.85]
[Artchives] Blisscocity [0.85]
[Artchives] Bradford centre, seen from the camera obscura at the National Museum of Film & Photography. Oil paint on sized, tinted paper. [0.85]
[Artchives] THE CITY IS DEAD BY GIOMYART City is dead, we the living dead. My videos on website [0.85]
[Artchives] Landscape in Normandy, from a photo in a guidebook. Oil paint on Daler board. 12" X 16" approx. 1977. [0.85]
[Artchives] Photo Montage - Lazarus and his daughter My friend from ArtWanted. Great person with great insight. [0.85]
[Artchives] comparison 03 Grey-scale image generated by the max (or min) of some trig-filled functions. [0.85]
[Artchives] City Girl Collection of Dr. Anne Verbeck-Sorber Boston, MA Acrylic on Canvas - 16" x 20" [0.85]
[Artchives] Simplicity This lovely bride from Jakarta wanted a simple design. [0.85]
[Artchives] Crime Scene Photo mouth stuff memories [0.85]
[Artchives] City Dream Silver-gelatin print, 2003. [0.85]
[Artchives] paris vents [0.85]
[Artchives] blogphoto [0.85]
[Artchives] Andrea, The Photo [0.85]
[Artchives] "A photographer" Designing a page. I'ld love to be more commercial, but that is not the case with me. [0.85]
[Artchives] Mistery City View Mixed Media on Canvas. 80 x 60 Cm Reflection,sand, water, City. [0.85]
[Artchives] Incident in the photo booth duplicated and messed about with in photo impact. I was bored with my original drawing. I also used [0.85]
[Artchives] Liberty ( third photo) Steel Monumental Sculpture [0.85]
[Artchives] Aqua CIty Like a modern Atlantis under the water. [0.85]
[Artchives] Jazzz in the City -Alto Saxaphone Jazzz with three z's.. for no particular reasons.. First one of Jazzz series. [0.85]
[Artchives] I Found Something on a City Visit [0.85]
[Artchives] Simplicity part 2 Simple palm patterns. [0.85]
[Artchives] rabbit photo 2004. Acrylic, watercolor, marker, ink, collage, painted on a found photograph. [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris Collage Le Louvre, 2005 [0.85]
[Artchives] Found Photograph Found in a library book Summer 2012. [0.85]
[Artchives] Raid Paris Dakar Mais ou sont les motos? [0.85]
[Artchives] feet and sandals - spherized photo A mozaic made with spheres, ray-traced in POV-Ray. [0.85]
[Artchives] City 3" * 5", Bick Roller Pen, "Dharma Box" Series [0.85]
[Artchives] barewinged over the city Florence- end of august 2011 [0.85]
[Artchives] Photo Montage - Denny Karchner My friend from ArtWanted. He draws fantastic pencil portraits and have run several great tutorials. [0.85]
[Artchives] Photo Montage - Mike Moore My friend from ArtWanted. Super-realistic colour pencil artist.. His artwork is a must see... [0.85]
[Artchives] Unreal City Landscape culled from photographs of various settler ghost towns throughout Cochise County, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] cityview [0.85]
[Artchives] Pancake City I shall never forget that apple waffle and hot chocolate. Some breakfasts just stand out. [0.85]
[Artchives] In Paris Collage, photography [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris 2005 [0.85]
[Artchives] Silent City My first Silent City story. All of them are 1 page stories about the last man on Earth. Fun to do ... [0.85]
[Artchives] comparison 02 Grey-scale image generated by the max (or min) of some trig-filled functions. [0.85]
[Artchives] City Of Light My very first attempt at 3d rendering. [0.85]
[Artchives] night city interior [0.85]
[Artchives] raccoon photo 2004. Acrylic, watercolor, marker, ink, collage, painted on a found photograph. [0.85]
[Artchives] City at the Polar Opening Scanned art redone in photoshop with some ink, paper, and water... [0.85]
[Artchives] 'NEW YORK CITY COPS'. Oil Pastel on Paper. [0.85]
[Artchives] city scape photo minipulation done with photoshop.consisted of 30 layers.again the web does not give it the ... [0.85]
[Artchives] To the Heart of the City Digital Painting [0.85]
[Artchives] Futuristic city Oil _on_ board, 72x72cm. [0.85]
[Artchives] Capitalis City Digital Painting [0.85]
[Artchives] Epicity: the state of being experiential, participative, image-driven, and connected An artwork depicting the characteristics of the present generation: experiential, participative, ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Escape Velocity In memory of my Godparents, Bud & Annabel Peters, a pair of truly hot tickets. [0.85]
[Artchives] tag in paris [0.85]
[Artchives] tame by comparison [0.85]
[Artchives] The CITY Digital Fine Art Collage. Over 45 layers in Photoshop 7 were used in this abstract collage of New ... [0.85]
[Artchives] City II 3" * 5", Bick Roller Pen, "Dharma Box" Series [0.85]
[Artchives] Photoshop worldwest use of photoshop to create an ad for an upcoming convention.all done in photoshop except for few ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Paris runway models, backstage Acrylic paint with gloss medium on Rives BFK paper, 15 x 23 in. (38.1 x 58.4 cm) [0.85]
[Artchives] Fire Dept. Old Fire Dept building, with enhanced sky and outline. New York City, USA. (80kb) [0.55]
[Artchives] Delerium Lonely delerious girl wanders through a nighttime cityscape with gargoyles and misplaced fish. [0.55]
[Artchives] Exodus Revisited The U.S. has a dogface and a Capitol Dome hat with an upside-down Stonehenge body. Photo-etching on [0.55]
[Artchives] Dragon Crystal A dragon flying above a city holding a crystal ball. Done in colored pencil. I wanted a dragon that [0.55]
[Artchives] Homesick Drawn entirely in PhotoShop during one of many times where humans and their misguided priorities ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Red Row Boat This photograph is the result of a lucky break, finding this boat (it was red, although not this ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Death With a Rose Full length portrait of Death of the Endless holding a rose. Based on the character from Vertigo ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Inequity Inequity is an autobiographical exploration of the artist's emotions -- an expression of the ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Knife A pen and ink of a nude woman holding a knife. This was during my pen and ink phase. Also this is ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Dream Dream of the Endless (Based on Vertigo Comics, The Sandman). Painted with Adobe Photoshop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Frost on Window with Spectrum Old black & white photo manipulated in PhotoShop. Added a gradient spectrum. [0.55]
[Artchives] Electric Gargoyle I have a strange fascination with gargoyles, it started after visiting N otre Dame in Paris and has [0.55]
[Artchives] Rainbow1 I took photography in art in high school and always have had a love of beautiful scenery and such. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled very dark 4 views of another gallery room, same photo [0.55]
[Artchives] Jetty A photo of a tranquil jetty. [0.55]
[Artchives] Decay Photoshop manipulation of two photogaphs. One is a photograph of decaying leaves in a pond. The ... [0.55]
[Artchives] The Dragon and the Lady This is one of my drawings inspired by many fantasy elements. I love dragons and the like. I added ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Memories Collage made from old photograph. [0.55]
[Artchives] Statten Island Stormy skies over the Statten Island ferry. New York City, USA. (55kb) [0.55]
[Artchives] WoodSculptureModel This is actually a composite of three scans of a 3" chipboard model of a sculpture that I ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Poole' Polo BIX promo GIF Greyscale photo of an athletic young man hitting the ball in a game of 'water polo'. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Baseball Still life painting of a baseball and bat on a grassy field. Painted in Adobe Photoshop. 24 bit ... [0.55]
[Artchives] tatami2 This is a manipulation (with Photoshop) of a raytracing I did with FormZ and InfiniD on a mac. To ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Art Man! This is a photo collage which includes a Eastern religious icon, which I find to be great ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled face with magic symbols", altered photo [0.55]
[Artchives] FolkArt_Trans The emphasis of this image is reflectiveness of the glass in contrest to the adjacent buildings. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Castle Castle and Dragon drawn hardcopy, scanned and colored in PhotoShop. Trees and effects drawn in ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Masked This image was hand-drawn and scanned then color was added via Adobe photoshop. I then worked to ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Lord Morpheus Dream Weaving The Dream King hard at work on his latest creation. Based on the character from Vertigo's "Sandman" [0.55]
[Artchives] Duality Duality is an autobiographical exploration of the artist's emotions -- an expression of the moment. [0.55]
[Artchives] Apartment Room at Night #1. An apartment room at night, overlooking city background. This one took almost 159 hours to ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Spiritual Horses A photo-manipulated image with montage of Julia fractals. The horses spirit cry out for the days of [0.55]
[Artchives] Snah & Bent, Motorpsycho MOTORPSYCHO Great norwegian band from Trondheim. They have unique sound and epic live ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Dreamad This is an old BBS ad I drew for a buddy when I was cyber known as The BitBrain (TBB) All but the ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Whoops One of many comic characters I'm developing for publication in comic book format. Fashioned after ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Tokay Freehand and Photoshop 3.0; Original image was created as a screenprint in 1983 and it was ... [0.55]
[Artchives] HEAL THE EARTH This image was the design for a New Age CD and Cassette. This is basic photo manipulaltion and the ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Proposed logo for RafflesNet, an Internet site serving information about the three Raffles schools ... [0.55]
[Artchives] TheFish This photograph was made in my photography II class (instructor: Linda Rossi). I always wanted to ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Naga4 Naga4_MEL.jpg is the last in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Rainbow2 Another of the rainbow pictures. It was a beautiful time right after a storm. My husband and I had ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Hotel del Coronado Photograph of the beautiful Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA taken after sunset. Image was ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Raven This collage illustrates the tension of city life for the desert rat. [0.55]
[Artchives] Tywaves in color The picture was first drawn on 1-5-96 of a character I play on a mush. Tywaves is a sea elf in a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Text, photos and geometry cohabitate to most dramatic effect. [0.55]
[Artchives] Bobby Ruckers #1 Photo-comic book cover of Bobby Ruckers, issue #1. The artist stars as Bobby. This comic is a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Energy Spiral Using fractals and effects from photoshop 3 this image represents an exercise in colour and form. [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled 4 views of a gallery room, photo of hand on wall [0.55]
[Artchives] ViolinPlayer A snapshot of a violin player, playing at a pub was scanned in and the image was manipulated on the [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled man with shades juggling, scanned photo [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled father and sun, heavily manipulated photo [0.55]
[Artchives] Pere Lachaise Cemetery/ Angel Under Glass Small watercolor painting based on a photo I shot in the cemetery in 1987. [0.55]
[Artchives] Spring Morning This image is an impressionistic look at a landscape of the Australian bush.In the same impressions [0.55]
[Artchives] Cliche Just another view of the complex world of male/female relationships. Image was photographed in the ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Kim Gordon 1 KIM GORDON 1 I was in Paris with Sonic Youth on the Dirty Tour. This is a photo of Kim at the ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled orb of full-range power and electricity arcing [0.55]
[Artchives] Abraham's Vision of the Holocaust paint on paper, 8.5x11, Abraham ( performs a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Angry Angry.jpg is an autobiographical exploration of the artist's emotions -- an expression of the ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Hooded Figure This is an acrylyc painting on canvas, 24" high X 36"long. This lady was a friend of Man Ray's and ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Baby Leopard This is a portion of a large charcoal drawing. It is a baby leopard chasing butterflies through the [0.55]
[Artchives] Color-Nude Part of a seris of altered photographs of women. (cibachrome print) [0.55]
[Artchives] Verdillia in the Mountains Verdillia the dragon overlooks a mountain view in one of her many travels through the dimensions. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Clock This clock is a bas releif carving, with analyne dye and rich yellow shellaq. The coloring is ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Shoes-On-Nude Photograph treated with water color and stroke effects to simulate a sketch. Colorization and image [0.55]
[Artchives] Father & Son My first attempt at portrait photography in studio. I setup a studio at home using the equipment ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Nymph Composite image of young woman's face in a sunflower created with Aldus Photostyler. Special promo ... [0.55]
[Artchives] MarrowImprint Image created by taking a B*W sketch by Julian Meyers (the overal figure in the middle) and ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Death of the Endless Portrait of Death of the Endless. Based on the character from Vertigo誷 "Sandman" comic. Complete ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Fish Cloud Over Waltham I was walking back to my studio after an afternoon of photographing. The shadow suddenly ... [0.55]
[Artchives] 1001 nights bits bytes I like to give virtual existence to my bodies: models, lights, transparencies and textures ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Crud Portion of original 15x20" gouache monotype, slightly manipulated with Photoshop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Girl at Church I was doing a documentary project for Photography I and I documented this store front church in ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Mervyn Pumpkinhead Mervyn Pumpkinhead enjoys a cigar. Based on the character from Vertigo's "Sandman" comic. Painted ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Bobby Ruckers#2 Gif, photographic comic book cover, Release date June 15, 1995 [0.55]
[Artchives] Provenance Curb link 18 kt. gold braclette with 7 bezel set oval diamonds (total karat weight of 1.29). ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled stretched face", altered photo [0.55]
[Artchives] Death by Paint Monotyped in gouache on 15x20" watercolor paper. Cropped and slightly manipulated with Photoshop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Psychadelirium Portrait of Delirium of the Endless rendered in bright colored fractals. Based on the character ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Two A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.55]
[Artchives] World Will Turn This is a photo-manipulation/montage used as a panel in a demo-tape cover. It depicts a woman ... [0.55]
[Artchives] The Boston Opera House From the Boston CityScape Series. An unexpected surprise on a cold November morning. Color C print ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Purple-Nude Robert Heinecken said, "Many pictures turn out to be limp translations of the known world instead ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Dream A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Gina & David I was working on a different photography project and Gina, her cousin David and my good friend ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled disk and cardboard collage made in Photoshop [0.55]
[Artchives] Anchor A photo of a clear bay and an anchor. [0.55]
[Artchives] Jova [The Jova Machineries] A render of a great space port in a projected dimension. Silicon beings communicate with terran ... [0.55]
[Artchives] FolkArt_Trans The emphasis of this image is transparency. The primary vertical circulation for the gallery ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Nina, Cardigans - 3 NINA PERSSON Nina is the charming singer of swedish pop band The Cardigans. She箂 so photogenic ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Minborg The town square of my birthtown Reykjavik, Iceland. Photo taken summer 1991. Scanned with a Umax ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Green Green is symbolic of Earth, and complements red, as the symbolic colour of love. This collage is a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Naga2 Naga2_MEL.jpg is the second in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Before Midnight created by the PhotoStuckerPlus and I call it "Before Midnight" because you can sense the taste of ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Morpheus Morpheus, the Dream King sculpted in sculpey. Painted with Acrylic. Sculpture stands 6" high. Based [0.55]
[Artchives] Two? BIX promo GIF Sylvester McCoy (the 6th Doctor) poses with a fan dressed as the 6th Doctor (from the [0.55]
[Artchives] MerryGoRound Watercolor, about 9"*14" I painted this when at a carnival in Paris one afternoon. (c)Christopher ... [0.55]
[Artchives] StillLife I wanted to photograph this tree in the studio and make it look very mysterious. I used a rear ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Doodle This strange fellow (RoboClown) was drawn entirely in PhotoShop. (c) '95' NZane, J.R. (Rusty) Stuart [0.55]
[Artchives] Frank's Dream Created in Photoshop 3.0; This picture was made for our friend and his son as a christmas present. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Aloe Landscape [82k] Transformed digital photograph of the African Aloe and landscape. [0.55]
[Artchives] Kim Gordon 2 KIM GORDON Picture taken outside a museum near Firenze. It was a nice, sunny summer day in a nice ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Memorial War memorial. Battery Park, New York City, USA. (55kb) [0.55]
[Artchives] Darwin's Paw Darwin's Paw is based on a photo from a series that I took while at the San Diego zoo about a year ... [0.55]
[Artchives] dOrsay 1 Res:504*400; Greyscale; 33k; [CONTENT] One of two photographs taken at the Musee d'Orsay, in Paris. [0.55]
[Artchives] Vous Voyuer Original illustration for NYTE magazine. Pastel drawing embellished in PHOTOSHOP. ㏄ANDAEMONIUM [0.55]
[Artchives] ClocksMoonTree Several different photographs were combined electronically and a collage made. Output to 35mm slide [0.55]
[Artchives] grafiti2 Graffiti covered wall. New York City, USA. (63kb) [0.55]
[Artchives] Werewolf A werewolf under a moonlit sky. Painted with textures from a scan of a Grizzly bear. Adobe ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Great-Hall Based on a photo I took in Union Station (Washington, D.C.). [0.55]
[Artchives] grafiti1 Graffiti covered wall. New York City, USA. (63kb) [0.55]
[Artchives] Veronica I'm not sure what this means... I guess that there are beautiful women in the surreal place that we [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled alien face", altered photo [0.55]
[Artchives] Demon Woman This one I drew mostly for my husband and she is one of his favorites of my drawings. Color added ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Wedding Circle - The Making First hand drawn, scanned, then Adobe Photoshop colored in steps. Gif Constructions Set aided in ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Chinese Dragon A Chinese Dragon. Painted with Adobe Photoshop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Horace the Dragon Horace the Dragon reads one of his books near a snow covered castle. Painted in Adobe Photoshop. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Boston Harbor and Gazebo From my Boston CityScape Series. Taken at sunrise from Rowe Wharf, a new Boston landmark. Color C ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Aloe Landscape II [82k] Transformed digital photograph of the African Aloe and landscape. [0.55]
[Artchives] My Horse Just like the Lone Ranger, NZane needs his steady mount to cruise the fantasy cosmos, and this is ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, very formal, the pose & the vein on the inner thigh make this photo one of my ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Nina, Cardigans - 2 NINA PERSSON Nina is the charming singer of swedish pop band The Cardigans. She箂 so photogenic ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Face "Magritte's paintings are argumentative; they question one's assumptions about the world, about the [0.55]
[Artchives] crimson1 - In the Court of the Crimson King 1 Based on a photo I took in the Louvre. [0.55]
[Artchives] Fly A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Floriad Shrimper Photograph taken in Port Canaveral, Florida. I like the strong black outlines and bold color of ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Memory of Traiskirchen Photoshop 3.0; This is for the memory of the 10 day isolation period in Austria in March of 1987 ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Naga1 Naga1_MEL.jpg is the first in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Horse Man This is a photo of a reflection of a man on a soft, mirror-like material (mylar). The results were ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Naga3 Naga3_MEL.jpg is the third in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled (Green Angel) This image is one of a large collection of religious statuary photos that I have manipulated, I'm ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Blindfold Another image that was drawn then added to in Photoshop. I love adding shading and bright colors to [0.55]
[Artchives] Flower Free Copy a photo collage made into an iron-on photo-copy transfer onto wall tiles, then painted with car ... [0.55]
[Artchives] LeavesInPond Fall leaves floating in a pond photographed using a macro lens very early in the morning. Another ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Aloe Landscape III [82k] Transformed digital photograph of the African Aloe and landscape. [0.55]
[Artchives] Frozen Rocklike computer generated image done with Corel Photopaint. [0.55]
[Artchives] RockFace A photo-manipulation, this contains a woman's face carved in sandstone, with a chalk-dust handprint [0.55]
[Artchives] Blindfold Hand drawn in pencil on August 25, 1996 then color added with Adobe Photoshop on 8-29-96. After ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Blue A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Being . The concept of Taoism...see the simplicity in the complexity. [0.55]
[Artchives] Self-Promo Digital photograph of camera computerhead man. (Sinar 8x10 view camera and Power Mac 8100) [0.55]
[Artchives] Embryo The universal embryo manipulated form a photo with the use of fractals and other filters. This was ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Res:504*399; Greyscale; 39k; [CONTENT] One of two photographs taken at the Musee d'Orsay, in Paris. [0.55]
[Artchives] Genesis Maple seeds were photographed on a picture of tracks made by subatomic particles in a bubble ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Hero Ink and acrylic on paper, 8.5x11 This drawing is a copy of a photograph taken by the German Army ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Anna's Lament Anna's Lament was created as a response to an encounter I had with a female colleague of mine. I ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Caribbean Hole This reminds me of an aerial view of the limestone sinks found in the Caribbean Ocean. Monotyped in [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Drawn on a mac LC3 using painter with 8 ram, using a rough sketch photographed then radically ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Egg The unwinding of the truth through the egg of truth is displayed here with the use of fractals in a [0.55]
[Artchives] Dragonflight A dragon takes flight amidst a mountain scene. Painted in Adobe Photoshop. 24 bit color depth. [0.55]
[Artchives] Calling from another dimension This 3-dimensional fellow has had the fortune, or misfortune to have been transported to a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Streetlights I I placed my camera on my steering wheel and held down the shutter while driving through town. Not ... [0.55]
[Artchives] girl in the sands photograph of a female nude playing the sand like a grand piano [0.55]
[Artchives] Thirty Day Old Bread Monotyped in gouache on 15x20" watercolor paper. Manipulated using Adobe Photoshop. [0.55]
[Artchives] WomanInBlack Portrait of a co-worker and a good friend Susan Louris. Taken with a Canon AE-1 with two flash ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Grapes I strarted with one of my photographs of a bunch of grapes in the Margaret River wine growing area ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Nina Persson, Cardigans - 1 NINA PERSSON Nina is the charming singer of swedish pop band The Cardigans. She箂 so photogenic ... [0.55]
[Artchives] TimeFlies2 Here is a variation on my Time Flies theme. For this one you can see I have used a double exposures [0.55]
[Artchives] War Cow a drawing made into an iron-on photo copy transfer onto wall tiles and a floor tile cut into a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Male/Female pair, outside, very free pose, the curve of her foot MAKES this photo. (2 prints ... [0.55]
[Artchives] i have no place to go A skeleton dances gingerly on a vertigogic wall in an empty city. Displacement. [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Family in Honduras", scanned photo [0.55]
[Artchives] My Yellow It's a simple PhotoStuckerPlus construction with yellow energy contrary to the black background. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] fair spark-like lights fly from this photo of a carousel [0.55]
[Artchives] Brooklyn Stormy skies over the Brooklyn Bridge. New York City, USA. (52kb) [0.55]
[Artchives] Margaret River Bridge in the beautiful South West of Western Australia This is one of many of my impressionist images. I start with my original photo and use painting ... [0.55]
[Artchives] nicolae's ghost Overlayed views of old photo, soldiers working. [0.55]
[Artchives] Hired-gun Digital photograph of backwards gun. [0.55]
[Artchives] Belfast, 1994 photo of Belfast houses and sky [0.55]
[Artchives] tatami1 This is a manipulation (w/photoshop) of a raytracing I did with FormZ and InfiniD on a mac. I tried [0.55]
[Artchives] Lea This picture was first drawn in pencil on August 22, 1996. I then took some time to darken over the [0.55]
[Artchives] Seven Days This is a photo-manipulation/montage used as a panel in a demo-tape cover. It depicts a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Chickenlegs My brother brought some dead bird, not a chicken, into the house. I think it was a quail, I'm not ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Twelve A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.55]
[Artchives] She Dances One of my favorite types of drawings to create is the nude female form. I love to experiment with ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled mystical pseudo-Hindu face", altered photo [0.55]
[Artchives] Clownluv ClownLuv was drawn entirely in PhotoShop. I am a clown and life is a joke! (c) '94' NZane, J.R. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Seashells All images were captured using a video camera and put together on the computer using Photoshop. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Krissie #3: Shawl Krissie #3: Shawl" Krissie 1/4 length, wearing nothing but a black shawl, posed against grey ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Fira, Santorini Fira, a dramatic town perched on the rim of an extinct volcano on the Greek island of Santorini, is [0.55]
[Artchives] Swirl Gouache monotype manipulated with Photoshop. [0.55]
[Artchives] Free衪ake one Photoshop 3.0; I modified a picture I took in San Fransisco. [0.55]
[Artchives] Variations of Crazy Crows 8"x12" a collage made into an iron-on photo-copy transfer onto wall tiles, then painted with car ... [0.55]

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