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301 matches found for humanbody.

[Artchives] Untitled Bronze - 14x5x2 [0.7]
[Artchives] 1001 nights bits bytes I like to give virtual existence to my bodies: models, lights, transparencies and textures ... [0.7]
[Artchives] I See You Watching Nude straight silver gelatin print from 8x10 inch negative. (she is watching you watch her undress) [0.7]
[Artchives] Marylin The bottom half of Marylin [0.7]
[Artchives] Self portrait -pre-equinox [0.7]
[Artchives] AOcolor Well here is the same model but a nude this time. Kodak Super 400. I still can't figure out what ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Fergy's Feet 8"X10", ink, sketchbook. [0.7]
[Artchives] Roper A commissioned acrylic on canvas. [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Reclining Nude Oil on canvas [0.7]
[Artchives] Nestor Standing torso First session at Eds. [0.7]
[Artchives] Beth Charcoal on newsprint, 24"x36 [0.7]
[Artchives] shy german guy technique: soft pastels [0.7]
[Artchives] Lamentation Nude on marble block, o/linen 15x16 [0.7]
[Artchives] Faerie Dana - Detail This is a detail of a larger image. Kraft/oatmeal paper covered with ink and colored pencil in such [0.7]
[Artchives] Chair I shot the picture in my studio (nude woman on chair). Nikon 6006 with Sigma 2,8/50 micro lens. [0.7]
[Artchives] Rearguard Drawn from life; model holding squirt gun. [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male Nude, very formal. [0.7]
[Artchives] Back Bend Classic Clay - 5x2x5", woman arching back [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, outside, ...Alabaster>"Egypt. 'a-la-baste, vessel of (the goddess) Bast" Note the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] lauguage1 acrylic on canvas. I have already saved this item but i was being absent minded and left it at its ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Seth-A-Parts Ink. From a Live model named Seth. [0.7]
[Artchives] MsDig [0.7]
[Artchives] Allongee reclining nude - [0.7]
[Artchives] Female Construct #3 Another early drawing, complete with disturbingly headless female torso and wallpaper flowers. [0.7]
[Artchives] naked greed, closet capitalism, you & me ( another installation view) The evil corprate raider... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Full-body nude portrait done from model in life drawing course I took during the fall of 1994. This [0.7]
[Artchives] Art & Power I was having a little bit of fun with this piece. Thinking about the whole ... [0.7]
[Artchives] House on fire [0.7]
[Artchives] Guitar Girl This is Louise in a peaceful mood. [0.7]
[Artchives] Womap This is an exploration of drawing as a map of the object drawn. It is inspired mostly by J. Lacan ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Kathryn at East Bank Studio A 3-hour drawing done at East Bank Figurative Studio in beautiful Portland, Oregon. [0.7]
[Artchives] BoredWithACamera24 How can you not love feet?...yes, those are mine. [0.7]
[Artchives] Cousin Selma and Her Prizewinners Cousin Selma is 9 x 12", 2000, Watercolor/Pastel [0.7]
[Artchives] Exquisite Corpse Animation [0.7]
[Artchives] Down Arrow Eruption of doodles on a sketchbook page. Started with the nude woman, then made the arrow in ... [0.7]
[Artchives] blueback This is an oil painting on canvas about 3' square. Pastels anyone? [0.7]
[Artchives] Triumph of Pan Bacchanale in celebration of Pan, o/linen 40x50 [0.7]
[Artchives] The Long Goodbye Expressionistic depiction of one of life's little dramas. [0.7]
[Artchives] Angry Angry.jpg is an autobiographical exploration of the artist's emotions -- an expression of the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] justanude Just a oil painting pretty small that I like because the brushstrokes are clear. [0.7]
[Artchives] Naga4 Naga4_MEL.jpg is the last in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Mommy I Love Him nude woman caresses old-man's head in the dark [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Torso, very formal, (1 print available) [0.7]
[Artchives] ALONE3 Transparent man with shining heart sitting in mirror room. "... there is hope and strength inside ... [0.7]
[Artchives] The Return of Dionysus Dionysus and consorts return to a bacchanale at a cave, o/linen 48x60 [0.7]
[Artchives] Nude Traditional silver gelatin print from 8x10 inch negative [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Couple; The veins on the male are a product of the infrared film. [0.7]
[Artchives] Horizontal I shot the picture in my studio. Nikon F301 with Nikkor 1,8/85 lens. [0.7]
[Artchives] Moksha, 'thinker' pose Last pose of the night, only seated one, enjoyed this one, [0.7]
[Artchives] Feetal [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, outside in a very "sacred" spot. This model asked me: "What Church was this?" (1 print [0.7]
[Artchives] Communion, Page 5 A montage of sensual close-ups, exhibiting Ms. Kiely's clean curvy style. A neck, a penis, a ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Right Hand. Oil paint on paper. 3' X 3' approx. [0.7]
[Artchives] Gaia Altarpiece Gaia, Green Man, Jimi Hendrix, dragons, Dionysus, et al, o/linen 48x48 [0.7]
[Artchives] untitled live figure may2001 [0.7]
[Artchives] Women Two women lounge, one stands and one sits drinking. [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Full body portrait of a nude with back towards viewer. Completed as part of a life drawing class ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male Nude, a Michelangelo's "David" like pose. [0.7]
[Artchives] Nim-A-Parts 8"X10" scan off of larger ink drawing from live model with snake. [0.7]
[Artchives] Josephine Baker A topless Josephine Baker sings blissfully. Available as a greeting card from Molly. [0.7]
[Artchives] Serpent sins ohhh [0.7]
[Artchives] Objects of Desire (Virtu) Here, I'm likening the replicated nude to the mass-produced decorative flourish. Similar to the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Female Construct #2 An early conte drawing from art school. It was then when I began to use images from anatomy books ... [0.7]
[Artchives] 3 [0.7]
[Artchives] Fly A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, very formal. [0.7]
[Artchives] Woman topless female reclines on circuitry mattress [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male/Female pair, all the prints in the 'Spirit Journeys' portfolio are full-frame. Everything you ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Vice versa [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male Torso, very formal (2 prints available) [0.7]
[Artchives] Beside the Lake A girl in a tank of water crouches beside a misty lake. Three flowers with faces stare ahead. There [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled oil pastel ©2000 B. Eberhard [0.7]
[Artchives] ABSENT1 Thinking on a toilet [0.7]
[Artchives] Farm Kitty Pencil drawing showing a young cat furry leaning upon a fence, her short shorts open and her top ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Alisha At Heart Big beautiful painting of Alisha, painted 2001, 24 x 36", oil. [0.7]
[Artchives] Infected by Fairy Tales A rather dark, surreal image of a man's face. [0.7]
[Artchives] The Lobby After a painting by Georges de La Tour, updated version Oil and Composition Leaf on Canvas, ... [0.7]
[Artchives] San Diego 2 I shot these pictures between 10 and 12 a. m. at Black¥s Beach near San Diego, California. The ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Asta 1 bare-shouldered blonde woman squints in balmy wind [0.7]
[Artchives] Blue A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.7]
[Artchives] Sabri One of my favorite things is charcoal and that's what I used here. [0.7]
[Artchives] Transfiguration Dance depicting spiritual transfiguration, o/c 50x72 [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, all the prints in the 'Spirit Journeys' portfolio are full-frame. Everything you see ... [0.7]
[Artchives] John Clay with paper fibers can be worked with wet or dry. Pigments and shellac added for colour [0.7]
[Artchives] RENEE female nude [0.7]
[Artchives] girl in the sands photograph of a female nude playing the sand like a grand piano [0.7]
[Artchives] Moksha standing backlite light was strong from the front, did this to try to capture form of the back muscles without ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Adam and Eve Stylised Biblical figures entranced by Adam's weener. [0.7]
[Artchives] Balance Classic Clay - 3x4x13", woman standing on head [0.7]
[Artchives] Communion, Page 8 A montage of sensual close-ups, exhibiting Ms. Kiely's clean curvy style. [0.7]
[Artchives] Ozymandius 2001 I drew this subject 15 years ago and it came up again. It was based on 2 mannequins but it made me ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, outside, very relaxed, one of my favorites (1 print available) [0.7]
[Artchives] Dirtysocks I I was trying to come up with something original, and was getting frustrated. In my rage I put my ... [0.7]
[Artchives] lovers [0.7]
[Artchives] Inequity Inequity is an autobiographical exploration of the artist's emotions -- an expression of the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Self Portrait/ Switched at Birth I always wondered. [0.7]
[Artchives] Life Study Oil paint on oil primed board. 12" X 17". A study based on an all-too-obvious source. Originally a ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Auror-A-Parts Ink. From live model. [0.7]
[Artchives] removal of the bejesus unseen entity frightens this poor naked man so badly, pointed lines of terror escape from his ... [0.7]
[Artchives] George I am not even a big fan...really, I just thought he would make an interesting portrait, matbe it ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Le corridor I trust this life to show us things. And that's about all life can be trusted for. This painting ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Blue nude oil paint on canvas [0.7]
[Artchives] Naga2 Naga2_MEL.jpg is the second in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Vous Voyuer Original illustration for NYTE magazine. Pastel drawing embellished in PHOTOSHOP. ©PANDAEMONIUM [0.7]
[Artchives] Cynthia this pencil sketch shows a woman reclining on her stomach, top pulled up to reveal her breasts. Her [0.7]
[Artchives] Silhouette I shot the picture in my studio when I had the opportunity to work with a model who was basically ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female, with long hair, sensuous. [0.7]
[Artchives] Rescue Me Somebody just got helped out of a desperate situation, or maybe they're just doing this for fun.. ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Plaster with armature - 15x9x20", Woman in repose. [0.7]
[Artchives] Life Study plus drapery. Oil paint and cloth on canvas. 20" X 30". A commission based on a photograph. Now sold (ex ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Detail of file "SJ04MXjohnr.jpg" in 640x480 size. [0.7]
[Artchives] Life Study. Red chalk on paper. 17" X 23.5". Made in the life class at Jacob Kramer College. Sold. [0.7]
[Artchives] Jennifer [0.7]
[Artchives] Surrogate mother [0.7]
[Artchives] Color-Nude Part of a seris of altered photographs of women. (cibachrome print) [0.7]
[Artchives] Reclining nude Plaster from mold - 13x7x2", reclining nude [0.7]
[Artchives] kinesthesis 1 studies of various figures [0.7]
[Artchives] Dress I shot this picture in my studio in Vienna, Austria. The lighting was a Hensel studio flash unit. ... [0.7]
[Artchives] chest plate [0.7]
[Artchives] femme à la tasse de café oil pastel [0.7]
[Artchives] Life Study with rubber plant. Oil pastel. 17" X 23.5". Made in the life drawing class at Jacob Kramer College of Art & Design. [0.7]
[Artchives] dyptich This is a loose painting of a tatooed woman inspired by the myth of Jocasta, Oedipus' mama, and ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Stop and Go About male/female and mixed messages. Oil on paper, 57"x54". [0.7]
[Artchives] HoneyBunch01 [0.7]
[Artchives] naked greed, closet capitalism, you & me (installation view) The evil corprate raider hangs naked by one hand, clutching foriegn currency in the other. A killer [0.7]
[Artchives] Seth Ink. From a live model. [0.7]
[Artchives] Sink Series III Multiple self-portrait underwater. [0.7]
[Artchives] Eleusis From the series on Rites, Rituals, and Ceremonies. Loosely inspired by historical accounts of ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Charcoal drawing - 8x11", female [0.7]
[Artchives] Adam & Eve "No guru, no method, no teacher, just you and I and nature and the Father, and the Son, and the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Saucy Little Tart n5, p19 Zasu discovers a little secret about her new "boy"friend as things get hot and heavy. [0.7]
[Artchives] Chick With Lots of Hair Dainty-breasted sprite soars in field of her own hair. [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male/Female, outside, dappled sunlight & her foot on one of my favorite "stones." (2 prints ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Double - 2 I shot the pictures in my studio when I had the opportunity to work with two girls who were ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Blades of Absinthe Topless warrior demon ambles murderously through my craft paper sketchbook. Her curves are cut by ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Communion Part of a series I did on Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies, as they were throughout history, and ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Jessie the Body [0.7]
[Artchives] MA A nude originaly in color. I was confronting the male image in modern society. Though this is not ... [0.7]
[Artchives] kinesthesis 2 human figure with lines depicting motion [0.7]
[Artchives] Jessie Standing Again at Eds (THANKS ED! ;- ) [0.7]
[Artchives] Naga3 Naga3_MEL.jpg is the third in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.7]
[Artchives] madonna w/ child--- at the local YMCA Cheesy quick sketch i did of this lady and her kid at a public pool-- i like the way the kids body ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Consumed Another in the series of Rites, Rituals, and Ceremonies, this one dealing with more contemporary ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Jessie Reclining Seesion at Eds [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Plaster from mold - 5x6x1", female tennis player with rear showing [0.7]
[Artchives] Waiting The doorway makes interesting angles with the arms and legs [0.7]
[Artchives] Hands I shot the picture in my studio when I was doing an assignment for a photo magazine (a series of ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] emerald 2 [0.7]
[Artchives] Acis and Galatea Acis and Galatea make love as the giant watches in anger, o/linen 24x33 [0.7]
[Artchives] 'Life Study' based on a stone sculpture, supposedly representing Collette. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 50cm X 70cm. The stone sculpture was a piece of public art in ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Coso Range Self Portrait I Self portrait, first in a series. 40" x 30" watercolor on paper. [0.7]
[Artchives] Women & Wholistic Health For the cover of Connections, the newsletter of the Wholistic Wellness Network [0.7]
[Artchives] Les Demoiselles De Kona My own damsels, with friends. © 1995 Jan Marica. Acrylic on Canvas 32" X 40". [0.7]
[Artchives] Water Babe Plaster from mold - 8x6x4", nude female torso in watery texture [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male/Female pair, I've been told it looks violent but it truly isn't. (Stick with it you'll figure ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled oil pastel ©2000 B. Eberhard [0.7]
[Artchives] Horse Man This is a photo of a reflection of a man on a soft, mirror-like material (mylar). The results were ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Julie5 The second image here was a group of pebbles [0.7]
[Artchives] Bather Morning Light Nude at a mountain lake, o/linen 18x22 [0.7]
[Artchives] Heavy as a Child I am much younger looking in real life. [0.7]
[Artchives] The Life, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension A blend of cubism, simultaneity and Matthias Grünewald. Pen, inks, pigments, shellac. [0.7]
[Artchives] Spaceship in the Window One of my favorite nudes, 9 x 12" watercolor/pastel, 2000 [0.7]
[Artchives] Cliche Just another view of the complex world of male/female relationships. Image was photographed in the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, very formal, the pose & the vein on the inner thigh make this photo one of my ... [0.7]
[Artchives] untitled live figure may2001 sketch over dictionnary page [0.7]
[Artchives] Vortex Figurative, Expressionistic. Oil on Canvas, 24"x30 [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] study live figure study [0.7]
[Artchives] Spirit Journeys Invitation Female Nude, outside, Hasselblad 2&1/4" negative enlarged to 4x4", just a teaser to pack them into ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Desolation Nude representing spiritual desolation, o/c 24x30 [0.7]
[Artchives] Hallowe'en costume: "Poetry in Motion" for the Hallowe'en Living Closet held October 29th, 1999 at the Church of Pointless Hysteria . [0.7]
[Artchives] Moksha Graphite on Strathmore ArtAgain paper, with General's White Charcoal heightening. [0.7]
[Artchives] Moksha backlite reclining This was my fav of the session, I have only been at this for a few months, and I am starting to get [0.7]
[Artchives] nov nude01 oil sticks on paper [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male/Female Pair, ...Mapplethorpe influence? (2 prints available) [0.7]
[Artchives] Moses, Aaron and Hur To fight the battle, you need support to lift you up when you get weary [0.7]
[Artchives] Ropes A single body connected to lights by ropes. I like to insert the human body in the centre of the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Allegory of Adolescense This painting began when, for financial reasons, I moved back home with my parents for a brief ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Like a Rock Charcoal on paper, 9"x11.5 [0.7]
[Artchives] glowing body oil pastels on notebook [0.7]
[Artchives] La grille du peintre mix media, nude study applied on a painted metal grid [0.7]
[Artchives] Legs & Torso What a beautiful creature Nestor is! From my first night at Casa DeMent. [0.7]
[Artchives] Too Much acrylic on paper, 8.5x11, When I look into your eyes, it's such a sight to see. When I look into ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Daydream A young nymph asleep inside a flower, dewdrops dripping from her hair as bubbles float around her. ... [0.7]
[Artchives] lover An unfinished painting with Elmers and oil. About 5' x 3' on canvas. I came back into the studio ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Nude oil on canvas [0.7]
[Artchives] Alex Another nine-hour drawing from life. Nearly wore through the paper trying to render foreshortened ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Salvador Dali's Memory This painting, an interpretation of Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Memory" (1931), illustrates the [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Bronze - 5x3x5", woman sitting with head on knees [0.7]
[Artchives] Knife A pen and ink of a nude woman holding a knife. This was during my pen and ink phase. Also this is ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Bound Ceramic - 5x2x2", woman with arms tied and kneeling [0.7]
[Artchives] Triumph of Pan Bacchanale in celebration of Pan, o/linen 40x50 [0.7]
[Artchives] Trish Stratus : Deconstructed and Inverted Photo of fitness model Trish Stratus with slight modification. Typical pinup photo with garden ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, back & hair, very formal. (2 prints available) [0.7]
[Artchives] Lunar I like to use the anatomy of the human body as a pretext to construct abstract forms. This image ... [0.7]
[Artchives] San Diego 1 I shot these pictures between 10 and 12 a. m. at Black¥s Beach near San Diego, California. The ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Earnest [0.7]
[Artchives] bench I was confronting the male figure. I liked the tennis shoes... [0.7]
[Artchives] Becky reading Ceramic - 14x5x5", woman laying on her stomach reading [0.7]
[Artchives] Emma study 2 Detail study of Emma for painting [0.7]
[Artchives] Emma study 1 Study of model for a painting as yet unfinished [0.7]
[Artchives] Shoes-On-Nude Photograph treated with water color and stroke effects to simulate a sketch. Colorization and image [0.7]
[Artchives] Side Show Figurative abstraction, using the figurative more as formal elements than narrative ones. Oil on ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Alma Mater This work commemorates December 6, the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. Egg tempera and ... [0.7]
[Artchives] The mind of the reader oil pastels on brown paper [0.7]
[Artchives] tallman china ink and oil pastel on paper (height = 8 feet) [0.7]
[Artchives] Emerald 4 [0.7]
[Artchives] Seated Nude oil on canvas [0.7]
[Artchives] Figure drawing ... Trying my hand on figure drawing. [0.7]
[Artchives] Sedeus Camposite One of my camposite collage portraits . In this particular image, a dark faerie emerges from ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Alicia with Fan This getting to be fun, I am beginnig to feel comfy with form and shape and continue to look for ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Evening Acrylics, dimensions: 80X100cm [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled oil pastel ©2000 B. Eberhard [0.7]
[Artchives] She Dances One of my favorite types of drawings to create is the nude female form. I love to experiment with ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Daisies A Bloomin A little 4'x5' airbrush portrait of Mr. Henry Rollins I completed a little while ago. Red seems to ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Tracy's Dance 2 Oil pastel & watercolor on paper, 10.5"x14 [0.7]
[Artchives] Lydia on a Lawnchair A nine-hour drawing from life. [0.7]
[Artchives] untitled live figure may2001 [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Sand - Life sized - Miami Beach, female laying on beach [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Saucy Little Tart #1 (excerpt) Saucy Little Tart #1, page 7 featuring an 8-panel striptease by cowgirl Zel. [0.7]
[Artchives] FootReflections24 [0.7]
[Artchives] emerald 5 [0.7]
[Artchives] Guitar Girl This is Louise in a peaceful mood. [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Saucy Little Tart #2 (excerpt) Saucy Little Tart #2, page 3 featuring a two-panel hot-tub groping. [0.7]
[Artchives] Objects of Desire (subject) Similar to "Objects of Desire. [0.7]
[Artchives] Self_Portrait with the Immaculate Heart of Mary Newest example of work. These self-portraits, depicting myself as a series of female saints, ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Bather Plastilina - 9x7x3", woman bathing with mirror for effect [0.7]
[Artchives] Sad Clown This one is oil pencils on white paper. The hair is done in simple graphite pencil. [0.7]
[Artchives] Dianna Dianna was created one night while my husband and his friend played AD&D. I had to have something ... [0.7]
[Artchives] femme aux reflets bleus live study on paper applied on painted plywood [0.7]
[Artchives] Twelve A Jpeg file in millions of colors, created in Adobe PhotoShop. [0.7]
[Artchives] femtryptic This tryptich is on three boards (so I can move it) It's about 10' long and has peices of rag, ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Illuminated City: Tribe, Ego, Heart, & Beyond Created as part of an invitational group show at ArtSpace Gallery in Richmond, VA entitled "The ... [0.7]
[Artchives] nupapier01 [0.7]
[Artchives] Miami Moon Beautiful semi-abstract 24 x 36" oil painting of an older woman being playful. [0.7]
[Artchives] Double - 1 I shot the pictures in my studio when I had the opportunity to work with two girls who were ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Danae Acrylics, 80X100cm [0.7]
[Artchives] inknude Just a loose and dynamic sketch in ink of a model. [0.7]
[Artchives] San Diego 4 I shot these pictures between 10 and 12 a. m. at Black¥s Beach near San Diego, California. The ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Oversoul Dance From the series on Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies, inspired by an African dance troupe--being ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Madonna livesketch on print [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Nude, outside, one of my favorite "stones." (1 print available) [0.7]
[Artchives] Triumph of Venus Bacchanale in celebration of Venus, o/c 52x72 [0.7]
[Artchives] emerald 1 [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Female Torso, ...I don't know; it's just important. (1 print available) [0.7]
[Artchives] Slave Heart Your interpretation. Pixel Painting copyright 1996 by Robert D. Feldman [0.7]
[Artchives] Communion Cover Full-colour cover of Communion #1, two lovers intertwined. [0.7]
[Artchives] Jan's Angels I know she's flying around up there somewhere. © 1995 Jan Marica. Acrylic on Canvas 32" X 40 [0.7]
[Artchives] self portrait 1992 An IUID is not an effective form of birth control. [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Clay - 9x4x25", armless male nude [0.7]
[Artchives] The Pools at Warm Springs Created after a visit to Warm Springs, VA and experiencing the silent healing waters of the ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Naga1 Naga1_MEL.jpg is the first in a series of four autobiographical works called "JESTEM NAGA" (I am ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Spoons Only! Pen scribblings of human form seeing the light of god with a fork. In some jails and soup kitchens ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Moksha_reclining Faces and hands remain my biggest challenge. light was nice [0.7]
[Artchives] Objects of Desire My work often draws from many different, even disparate, sources, and this particular drawing is a [0.7]
[Artchives] Duality Duality is an autobiographical exploration of the artist's emotions -- an expression of the moment. [0.7]
[Artchives] The Discovery of Ariadne Dionysus and his musician consorts discover Ariadne sleeping on a mountain top [0.7]
[Artchives] Windy Charcoal on paper, 9"x11.5 [0.7]
[Artchives] Diary of a Dominatrix #1, page 6 Page 6 out of Molly's Diary of a Dominatrix comic book, issue #1. The main character struggles ... [0.7]
[Artchives] emerald 3 [0.7]
[Artchives] Scott Seated Graphite and white heightening on Strathmore ArtAgain paper. [0.7]
[Artchives] Dirty Socks III After succesfully making my first piece of "sock art" I went on to create several others,(see ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Saucy Little Tart n5, p11 It's love at first sight for Zasu as Zelda tried to calm her raging hormones. [0.7]
[Artchives] night lady oil pastel ©2000 B. Eberhard [0.7]
[Artchives] Dual Life This was not in the show, but I thought that I would document it anyway. It is 6' x 4' and is ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Life Study #3 Oil paint on loose canvas. 15" X 17". [0.7]
[Artchives] After Ingres' Odalisque Ink on paper, 8.5x11, "Thus was the prescribed period of annointing accomplished: six months with ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Self portrait Acrylics, dimensions 80X100cm [0.7]
[Artchives] Mandrill Self Portrait Self portrait as mandrill baboon. [0.7]
[Artchives] Shirt-Extra-Large Semi nude big busted shirt. [0.7]
[Artchives] SCORN1 Man with a fish. "... Got you ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Penthesillia Exstatic body bears breasts while flailing appendages. [0.7]
[Artchives] live study [0.7]
[Artchives] Serenata 4 dancers and a flutist in stormy landscape, o/linen 36x48 [0.7]
[Artchives] Morning Refuge From the series on "Rites, Rituals, and Ceremonies". Morning coffee is a BIG ritual for me. Oil on [0.7]
[Artchives] legs with red shoes acrylic on wood [0.7]
[Artchives] Forest see the elves and trees and stuff? [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled [0.7]
[Artchives] Julie3 This shows the use of another image to create a surreal effect [0.7]
[Artchives] untitled sketch live figure drawing [0.7]
[Artchives] tiles Originaly in color, from the water series. [0.7]
[Artchives] Revealing Notions I began this drawing with an idea gleaned at an odd time. Won't go into that, many things stimulate [0.7]
[Artchives] jump One color photo form a water series that emphasizes the distortions of the water on the body. A ... [0.7]
[Artchives] eggnest This is a litho from an "egg" series, like a womb. It is fourth in a series of eight about ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Anne in Progress A painting in progress; underpainting in burnt umber on 20 X 24 canvas panel. [0.7]
[Artchives] Nim-A-Parts Too 8"X10" scan off of larger ink drawing from live model with snake. Another scan-crop which seems to ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Selective Hearing Didn't get this in time for the Vagina Monologue Art Auction. Would you like to make an offer? [0.7]
[Artchives] Abraham and Isaac The angel has stopped the blade and the ram is provided as a substitute. [0.7]
[Artchives] Life Study #1. Oil paint on canvas covered board. 16" X 20". [0.7]
[Artchives] Memorial Day Weekend Humorous piece about what Memorial Day (Weekend) means to some of the American populace. Oil on ... [0.7]
[Artchives] Emma study 3 More detail studies of Emma for a prospective painting [0.7]
[Artchives] Untitled Male/Female pair, outside, very free pose, the curve of her foot MAKES this photo. (2 prints ... [0.7]

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