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15 matches found for logo|Graphic&Art|painting|abstract|illustration|Symbolism|Computer&Graphics|graphics|CGI.

[Artchives] Purple Rings custom 3d computer graphics rendering. [0.55]
[Artchives] Cloisters Photo reshot on graphics art film then printed onto gold metallic paper. [0.55]
[Artchives] Onions are sexy! photomanipulation, photoshop, digital art, cyberart, webism, computer art, computer generated art, ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Utah teapot As part of a crude investigation into computer and pixel art antecedents, my explorations also led ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Groceries Black and white graphics were scanned in and traced using Corel Draw. The clip art was then ... [0.55]
[Artchives] clothespins a flyer for my senior art exhibit. it was in goodwell, oklahoma, at the no man's land museum. the ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Kibbles and Bytes - 2000 As new tools for computer art creation were invented, Cthulu diligently ran them through some test ... [0.55]
[Artchives] The Queen of Hearts This was painted for a 2012 group show at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery (Seattle) titled ... [0.55]
[Artchives] The Legend of Seven League Boots The Legend of Seven League Boots One of a kind, original mixed media [0.55]
[Artchives] Purdue University Engineering Mall A bird's-eye view of Purdue's Engineering Mall. Recreated on computer as a graphic project for ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Derek C. Jr. In 3D 3D Max Studio was used to create this image. It was once a project for 1 of my computer graphics ... [0.55]
[Artchives] MIST0522 FILE_ID.DIZ Looking for something iconic resembling a letter M in the science fiction canon, I received a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] yob/jcs yobleart apple stripes on a photographic print fuk by Jay Schleidt [0.55]
[Artchives] VICTORIAN SKULL T-shirt artwork created for Great Dane Graphics. The art is for resale to screen printers to apply ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Quanyin's Rainbow This image was created for an anti-smoking art call using an older graphic Sein Sane Postcard #3 . [0.55]

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