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39 matches found for stilllife|raytrace.

[Artchives] sketch-stilllife ink [0.85]
[Artchives] StillLife I wanted to photograph this tree in the studio and make it look very mysterious. I used a rear ... [0.85]
[Artchives] Stilllife with Bible Acrylics on masonite [0.85]
[Artchives] Stilllife 1412 [0.85]
[Artchives] Untitled 11024x768x256 Raytraced lake w/ clouds [0.55]
[Artchives] Living Room This living room scene was my first raytraced image. It was created with RayDream Designer. [0.55]
[Artchives] Three-Dee Glasses Raytraced image of 3d Red/Blue glasses. (Glasses not req.) [0.55]
[Artchives] Apartment Room at Night #1. An apartment room at night, overlooking city background. This one took almost 159 hours to ... [0.55]
[Artchives] The All Seeing Eye This looped Raytraced animation depicts a eye encased in a crystal pyramid. the pyramid spins ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Butterflyies of Lurve A Raytraced Animation of a number of glossy red love hearts orbiting around a central heart. This ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Newton's Cradle #1 The first raytraced image I dared show people. Glass cube with spheres, ball in spiral, and ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Temple Gorgeous little sapce with altar and delicously shiny raytraced idol. [0.55]
[Artchives] Shell Room A glass table accomodates a neat row of raytraced shells. [0.55]
[Artchives] Movie Camera's in the room The camera floats above other raytraced paraphenalia. [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled Raytraced figure reflects crazy walls and pine floor. [0.55]
[Artchives] Whopter-Garlic print 01 This is a peice of what's called Whopter-Garlic sitting on a green-marble pedestal. The garlic is ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Rings of Lurve This looped Raytraced animation depicts a two rings of small three dimensional love hearts twirling [0.55]
[Artchives] Room-1 Raytraced room (could be a castle?) [0.55]
[Artchives] The Legend of Seven League Boots The Legend of Seven League Boots One of a kind, original mixed media [0.55]
[Artchives] Lots of Plastic Things Curious brightly coloured plastic objects hover in raytrace-space. [0.55]
[Artchives] Inside looking Out An early raytraced animation containing Sam Hodge's head mapped onto the the surface of a shiny ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Neon Ball A ball on shaded checker, reflecting a neon bar-sky. [NEONB.GIF:320x200x256] This is part of my ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Tabletop Scene This was my first raytrace using POVRay. [0.55]
[Artchives] Ringbox A raytrace of a glass and metal cube enveloped in Torii and with a solar plasma like background. ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Capitals The raytraced study of the form and architecture of the United States Capital Building in ... [0.55]
[Artchives] JellyFish in Lava A raytrace of some jellyfish in a sea of nasty red stuff. There is another version I like better, ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Pool-1.jpg Four raytraced pool balls on pool table...very good reflections [0.55]
[Artchives] Coral Reef Raytraced coral reef, with impressionist-like colour style. [0.55]
[Artchives] Caverns This is a picture raytraced with the POVRay raytracer. The heightfield was created with KPT in ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Writhing Cactus An animation comprising of several yellow, red and blue spikes swirling around each other. The ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled 3D Stereoscopic raytraced hand [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled 3D Red/blue image of raytraced hand [0.55]
[Artchives] Compost siftings 2 More objects sifted out of the compost pile. There is usually a lot of broken glass that I throw ... [0.55]
[Artchives] "Daisies & Poppy Flower" Photo (Stilllife) [0.55]
[Artchives] Untitled 1024x768x256 Raytraced lovers [0.55]
[Artchives] Ozman v.0 Raytraced figure takes it's first step. [0.55]
[Artchives] Bamboo Res:648*456; Color; 63k; [CONTENT] Raytraced scene of bamboo reeds in a concrete room with a ... [0.55]
[Artchives] Light Of Good Passage Raytraced 3d image rendered in bryce 5 [0.55]
[Artchives] Protected Primary An animation comprising of several yellow coloured spikes swirling around four primary coloured ... [0.55]

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