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by dale mc farlane aka 'DAWK'' [dwk SITOme] [email dale mc farlane  aka  \'DAWK\'\'] 2004-09-27 03:48:37 [10057]
nice work-vivian,this cute little 'slimer' caught my eye,and was pleased to see you use collage to do some of the image. i like the simplicity of it-all,yet the message comes through... i will try to create an 'escargot' from MY materials-using all gems minerals,and do it by all collage photos. it will look diferent than your escargot,but this would be interesting as an 'assignment' for other sito artists to do their OWN version of an 'escargot'-a sort of collaboration of sorts.then we would all post the escargot images in one place??? regards... DAWK ...showart?show=alt.0016

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