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Re: Video Feedback fFame
by Robert Boldt [bol SITOme]  2006-12-07 15:20:43 [17540]
Matthew Conroy

Dear Matthew,

I’m sorry for having taken so long to get back to you concerning your comments posted to my Sito site. I was not aware that I would receive no notice of responses to my work on the site. The administrators of Sito are still working out the bugs and have a long way to go to making the venue work as well as it could. Nevertheless I think the idea of a visual medium for artists to network is an excellent one.

I have produced a 30 minute DVD of the video feedback material. I have not looked too seriously into posting the streaming video on the Internet as my phone connection is just too slooooow to make it work. If you would like, I would be happy to send you a DVD for your perusal. It is quite different from your work in terms of its method of generation, but after having seen some of your material, I think you would find my feedback experiments in many ways similar to what you are doing. I took some time to scope out your work on the Sito site as well as on your webpage. I think the material you have created is quite beautiful, creatively innovative and elegant. I also enjoyed your dream journal.

I am currently involved with a network of people that I think might just be a good fit with some of your political and aesthetic sensitivities. Your work would certainly be appreciated as well as making an important contribution to the art on the site. Check out our site and see if you agree. The site is Ostensibly it is the companion for a local radio program on KPON in Columbia MO called RadiOrbit, but it is so much more. There is a lot of graphic material as well as a dream blog and plenty of discussion of topics related to science, mysticism, politics, music, etc. Please be sure to check out the gallery and the forums. I think you would find many kindred spirits on the site and we certainly would benefit from your presence, if you were to decide to contribute.


Bob Boldt

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