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Re: Self-portrait
by Patrick Deshaye [pjd SITOme]  2002-11-12 19:14:11 [5745]
>Thanks so much, Pat for your references/ >comparitives/education to similar >aspirers/aspirators.

Don't mention it. Your expressionist autoportraits are also fully, recognizably you, so I figure you have Egon Schiele beat, too.

"What is JHVH? and what do you mean by relaxing and taking it easy? do you mean keep pushing for what I'm after? I've been trying to practice, and imagine creating a workshop/movement based on it, on tuning in to a truthful present condition without being too "
New Agey". " "JHVH" is an anglicized tetragrammaton-- you know, Name-O-God, Yahweh, Jehovah(oops!), the eye-in-the-triangle, hairy-thunderer guy. What I meant to say is that your art seems to have sprung from a pressure-cooker of nameless conflict, which is why your self portraits are, IMEO, your most compelling works. It would be easy to relax into that, though, and not turn that energy outwards to inform your figure work, for instance. So don't. : ) Robin Ator and I had a fascinating, half-inebriated discussion at the Lovecraft festival, on just what causes artists to do what they do... he said there are those who are primarily driven by something inside themselves, whereas others are responding to things outside themselves. A technical analogy would be that some are basically transmitters while others are transponders. A continuum, really... you are closer to the transmitter end of the spectrum, I'm closer to the transponder end, while Robin is somewhere in between. I think Robin is brilliant.
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