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Re: animated kid
by Matthew Conroy [mmc SITOme]  2004-10-19 01:15:09 [10215]

I'm glad you liked the animations.

What software? Well it depends on what you want to do. For 3D modeling kind of stuff, I only use POVRay since it's free and well thought-of. I like it a lot. Some animations I did using METAL basic. This amounted to generating a large graphic with all of the frames for the animation on it, and then cutting up the graphic to make each frame. Worked for me.

One nuisance is the animated GIF format, which, with its 8 bit color, screws color up, sometimes badly. I really prefer to use javascript for animating JPG files, which gives faster downloading and better color, but I can't do it that way on SITO, so GIFs it is.

Anything that can generate images can be used to create an animation. Once you get the frames you can stick them together with just about any graphic file manipulation program (I like GraphicConverter).

People seem to like Flash, but it's not free.



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