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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2014-01-09 21:42:48 [33976]
simple effect bold balanced. denying the lines, no bridge building or extra arms. all predeictable convention was ollied over in stark pragmatism. very well played! do others get logically involved? i dont want to get to 'voicy' but view-shui is more than connected lines and fields. i think you can only understan cosm if oyu have posted and say 'what will i do?' and then understand the basic convention and that each piece relates directly to that. like imagaine an antisocial no borderist: a guy in a safe and the picture goes out to a 148 white border... anyway i think invention more than art so i am developing a style but your play was simple ergonomic masterfull..i see that and i think 'i bet that felat good to find' like overlaping ven diagram rings. excellent

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