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Cosm = Cosm Parallel Flash Lines
by guest   2014-08-03 19:40:52 [36019]
Im to understand from the insistence of the crew that all Ohkosm reuses we vetted to and represent parallel cosm = cosm rides to be synchronized for side by side comparison. they suggest a continuing complementary relationship between the panels unto profound limits. with that understanding I suggest that 3802 = 3988 etc made little sense but the hidden 3801 = 3908 etc fkng blup my hed and was lik AHH! WTalfabet! when the tabi's became tabbys and the rubiks cubes for idiots turned into ninjas stars I had to say something. the gumby walked out of the woodpanelling and I sht a million biscuit. which actually sound better then the illiteration a billion biscuits altho im taking a gamble on making you laff with that one so if sht a billion biscuits was a better trigger for hilarity my mindcontrol probes would like the skinny 411 on that dl down lo info. no no one wants to know anything other then the link crew wants to make sure mars attack was not a reuse? what don't ask that. ask if they have switched to buglar like non idiots. wheres my bathing suit? im any body else? dentle floss as a weapon? what about that book about throwing decks od cards leathly? they say you don't know the jolly roger cookbook and something elsedash a foot against a stoner that's.. anybody else with the wisdomcracks? howbout you Ahab? whaele let me think. hahaha you are a huge funny man. so yeah killin it I think we should just refer to 'cosmells' co-smells vs Cozumels vs cosm hells vs cuza Mel's vs Czamels (snoopbonics for camel ie committee horse, or in snoopbonics "a horse, nigga") anybody else with the mrments for the mrmoir? note the subway whoosh can be used as a comment line? not ups+tab = STAB. a weapon OHS could but didnt ever use. not the cosm-l (cosm-l l could stand for ..left. altho I prefer new on the left. so l could stand for link I guess. or some l word that really ok well a side cr is on the left. that makes sense. cosm-lunar. ooh as if yeah like orbit gimmy another l word , not not 'l word' ghay ass google.. I live in Google. lateral! yeah like in football! totally! cosm-l co-lateral

ok. watchem side by side. oh what and noticse the 2298. non of this required any planning, btw

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