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by guest   2014-08-14 19:18:14 [36083]
yrspsdtobimmuntomysht. ! fk30secondssob! (ok you be peter pan for a second.) YOU AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA@%(!) ------------------------------ try again with a little more feeling altho the perfect textiness a1 I thank and not want to smach you like most else. ... sad. ---------------------------- p I sst pi sst pi sst and pistoff was his fu ------------ sweet 3030 cowboy reminisce. that face is eh cowboy reflective repose. Rachel knew somehow idk.inlidt ths stat txtiness. shopwindow jumanji =

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JESUS ORAGE JUES I ...sad. fkn alligator clock bitchmade crocodile rock clock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and you w/ yr sht. tabi boot twinkles were ok a doosh. now. I suppose they have an island somewhere...'according to the police' synchromicity 2. all the Sew Asidte fake. or just worms, fk bleilt. just 8 I mean...imde by sporf. Oh Captain My Captain. you dkhed. I wanna live in a commune w/ you guys forever or just knock you out coach said style. good game. punch. good game. punch. ad infinitum. coffee is the best. I am not a prophet. obviously. at least not that im aware of. my point is in this emotional time you could just take the danm dopeshopkey at c1. ok. and. I mean I know you love the ww2 airplanes. you got Richard to ace that shit whenever I mean. im tempted to be offended by your laziness at this tribute. I hope there is some, how ever somewhat fitting sentiment is conveyed in dual terms. not much of a befor and after. fk! you see? you see what im dealing with its fking rterdogheydumbdumbfjukerhedbulshtass. exhales. uuuuuuhhhhhhg. ok ding the robot hobot hobbit intro was a little much so I erased. oh the sht I cant even like wax poetic.444444444444444444 gddmt! oh the wordy word that conveys with suc poinent prose what I hat to say of mine feeling today! sht. ive thought about. idk.wtdwms. bord now.or you cculd try not so mfevil seeming every fother moon.blah jesus christ. hangry wunt...numnum. why is wendy such a gossiping bitch? expletive. happy happy joy joy happy joy joy don't push the history eraser button you fool! ok. must w. utensil now to are what. oh fuck parkisnsons. ahahaha sht. I go eat my cereal now. fkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfk. love you make happy squares or be annoyed jesus Christ im going out of my mind. dude. clu the dude. fl spago.

mAN I could carve..things or. kleenax origami. riotgods. teargas. tears anyway. lame. sometimes I try to be an atheist. then I go what do you think, JesusGod? and then he says some smartace awesome sht like 'I think you should pray about that' . I did batman first thatsa why im upset. and then I find out so fk fkty dmdm sk of being incredibly rnd man.ifeel like im running out of places for my mind to escape to. I hope the new starwars dunst suck balls. cosm w/ prize money would be fun. er a shirt. or like.i prefer like a reliable team of ninjas who like go yay! and the end is all yay like yay team nasa Gatorade Oh captain Ron what the shizsnz I guess im old. meanwhile thesefmillionaires are playing baseball. hhuuhhh barf barf huuuh. throw up a knuckle ball fkn mrm. buddy mrm fkn (does the what fake flex at you flynch like twice) im sorry I just. hold me and stroke my hair im weak

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