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Kitty Flute
by apachewind2003   2003-03-09 14:18:11 [6227]
...showart?show=oed.0056 put your ad on a cat group,and implyed that you have quite a few cat/kitties pictures. I don't IMO consider 4 pictures "quite a few", so I felt somewhat deceived, but with that having been said. I must admit you do have talent, almost a Piccasso abstract style of work. Of the 4 CAT pictures/paintings/drawings...this one is my fav.simply because it shows more of the CAT then the surroundings, which IMO detract from the main subject of the picture. Also because it highlights/centers on the cat's eyes, which I feel are the "soulful" part of that animal, and they stand out. As a whole, very nicely done, colors mixed perfectly and my fav musical instirments are the wind groups, so the flute caught my eye also. This art is something I would consider buying.

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