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Separato Mr. Roboto
by dale mc farlane aka 'DAWK'' [dwk SITOme] [email dale mc farlane  aka  \'DAWK\'\'] 2004-08-24 08:52:15 [9902]

hey-ED,long time no 'talk'. if you did this at 'I-hop'....then go back and (EAT) the same meal(buckwheat hotcakes-i hope) and REALIZE, that this is pure GENIUS! may have developed a possible art-award-wining series,and if you can re-make that I-hop...'majeck'-voodo-that you-do so-well,it may make (YOU)lots of 'dough'???? i see; a sort of 'robot' couple-with some sort-of....prelude to sex? and the rockets are 'sperm' seeking the 'egg'? keep in mind; i am dsylexic and have ADD,and the doc says i have'organic brain damage'.

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