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thanks for the nice comments
by S. Nees [sdr SITOme] [email S. Nees] 2005-02-27 13:13:14 [11606]
Thanks everybody for the nice comments! I love hearing from folks, sorry I don't get enough time to thank everybody. Matthew asked, what is iki? well. glad you asked. This is a Japanese word and word fragment that can mean several different things. I am still trying to find a good translation for it. "iki-iki" means cool or chic...but my interest in iki comes from words like "ikigai" (meaning "reason for living"); "ikimono" (meaning "animal"); "ikimasu" (meaning "to go"). to me, iki connotes breath/drive/the spark in every living thing. That which animates you. thanks so much to everybody for visiting. take care. -Suzy

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