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Re: female figure study
by guest   2004-04-08 14:45:17 [8762]
Your Computer Poet is interested in being useful. But no one is interested. Some of his relatives Assume he can't feel the power. But he isn't buying. All night long he studies the how-to books. And enjoys the smell of success. Red Ass has a certain slimy charm. So what else is new? He tells me YOU're the greatest. He is quick on the uptake. And knows when to stay put. As he has been sent through every mystery of the soul The crowd gasps. For I will never see him again. Apparently, art and poetry will disturb the animals. Indefinitely. Priests of sexuality Are trying to buy A moment's knowledge of actuality. Your old lover, Red Ass,'s parole officer Is an unconscious plagiarist. Without actually moving His inner self. Insists on interpreting you. Please fuck me !!!
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Re: female figure study

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