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by jamieantoniasym [sym SITOme] [email jamieantoniasym] 2004-04-24 14:59:35 [8944]
i manipulate the photos out of a need to do so as a painter & photographer. for myself to simply display the photograph would be insufficient as the painter within definitely has the upper hand in my work. in addition, many of these photos are not mine...they have been taken by other artists and i would not take credit for them. but once manipulated they become something quite different indeed...for myself something more real somehow. i suppose one could try to suggest they are altered colourfully because of a hermaphrodite issue...but as far as i know i have never used images of any hermaphrodites in my work. these are indeed ALL FEMALES...granted by most standards of HOW we perceive male and female, some of the parts dont match. but GENDER dictates who someone is, not the body, and the driving force for ones gender is within. these are not disguised images...they are simply altered ongoing series of visual accidents...some that work better than others, for sure. i am pleased that you asked your questions. it always amazes me when ANYONE takes note of my work. stay beautiful
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