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Of Cloth
by guest.... dawk   2001-12-22 07:28:40 [3517]

this image-face caught my eye..simply by combining the red-blue with textured background. the personality-seems to be in a state of some kind of torment? the colores most certainly symbolize a bleeding-coagulation(blue) feeling and makes me think the artist is attempting some sort of expression of agony!if this unconsicious thought of the artist-then i see her thinking about her "period" and all the misery a woman has to go thru for everyone to be concieved. only a WOMAN can do this-thus i salute the she-artist-talent for her excellent and controversial rendering-it is quite possible one of the best images -currently on the my opinion, and you the viewer will have be the judge of "my opinion" hope i didn"t ruin any one"s elses "opinion"... dawk

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