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by Wangdabao Íõ´ó±£ [wdb SITOme]  2004-05-10 03:56:08 [9156]
Thank girl friends' concern £¬I am a Chinese artist £¬Town that my location place is the most pretty in China ¡ª¡ªHangzhou ¡£West Lake £¬ All surely very not Mos bear £¬The scenery there is very much fine really £¬Really the scenery is like the painting ¡£The girls friend possess the opportunity to leave to the West Lake to see £¬I reckon surely Is very enjoyable ¡£ My painting life chiefly possess tripartite £º1¡£Oil painting ¡¢Engraving ¡¢Traditional Chinese painting ¡¢Toner stroke £»2¡£Newsprint ¡¢Books and periodicals plates £»3¡£Computer Numeral art £¬Creating new meanings , the design is manufacture £¬Particularly adjust abstractly in the creative work ¡¢The autistic thinking moldmaking is interested ¡£Moreover be ready to widely interchange against artists of world various places ¡£

This painting £¨K3£©£¬Is I the 1980's £¬In the interest of provincial capital newsprint newsletter painting plate £¬There is such affair £¬Yet that the tableau merely is the art runs constitute £¬Summary is makeed known Mood of a literary work of article £¬Also at last creative work £¬Place up CITO £¬It merely is the ordinary review in my the painting journey ¡£Thank girl friends' artist concern ¡£

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