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Re: Mother together with child £¨ ĸÓë×Ó £©
by Wangdabao Íõ´ó±£ [wdb SITOme]  2004-05-13 06:56:30 [9203]
Thank the instruction with to appraise £¬This painting £¬Is I in the near future £¬Article catch sight of accidentally to some ¡¢The form is worked out the plot ¡¢Die but the tableau makeed up ¡£Give Article that those are not pay attention to in the interest of people £¬Damaged wall ¡¢Split on cement surface of the earth ¡£¡£¡£Await £¬Carrying on some arts handle £¬As a result having ariseed £¨Mother together with Such tableau of child £¬Such painting £¬The trunk stream be unlikely be not become £¬Probably pursue the advantage showing in the way of the skin texture of tableau to individual ¡£Thank you ¡£
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Mother together with child £¨ ĸÓë×Ó £©

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