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Travis & Jackie
by Dan Iordache [yan SITOme] [email Dan Iordache] 2005-12-09 23:20:13 [13797]

Rams, thanks. The models aren't that great...her breasts were flasks and the celulitis kind of showed around her ass; he was better, the Scotish type, muscular, with a lot of red hair...The symbol! Well, I have to publicly confess that I saw something like that (but not THAT) in one of your paintings...and I remembered the Chinese and Japanese who didn't consider a painting as theirs if it hadn't THEIR "stamp". Around that time I fall upon an old movie which was one of my favorite, in my adolescence (The Scarecrow by Jerry Schatzberg or something, with Gene Hackman and the great Al Pacino! the idea was to go through life, to survive, with a bit of humour, with a bit of a laugh.there you are: my symbol become a scarecrow similar to myself, trying to get by with just a bit of wit, if possible. That's about it... Hasta la vista.

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