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Hey Newyorkers!!!
by Lenara Verle [len SITOme] [email Lenara Verle] 2001-08-15 18:00:25 [2774]
Oh I'm so proud to have our own regional topic! Since I'm out of town right now I'll contribute with a calendar of past events:

Shuffleupagus at Fusion Labs: Shuffleupagus <>

Ed visit to NY (last november) Lenara's New York Photo Album <> (scroll down)

Ranjit's Lanternfest (february) Lanternfest Sunday Feb. 11 2001 at dusk <>

I presented a paper about Sito at the New School Conference (april) Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference <> Artists and Articipants: Sito Collabspace and Artchives <>

Sito videos at the "looping" screening (june) l o o p i n g <>

Game night at gamelab (roughly monthly, not really a Sito event, but Sitoids attend) gameLab <>


anything else for the list?

and let's make an "upcoming events" calendar!!


Re: Hey Newyorkers!!!

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