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Re: Grid Masters
by jonathan prince [dgt SITOme]  2001-09-14 21:48:01 [3030]
When Kiyotei mentioned the 'news' button at the top I realized how little I have clicked on that.

I shall click there more in the future.

Perhaps what we have is a design issue and less of a 'policy' issue as jon called it.

Is there any way of displaying, say, three headlines from each of the other discussion areas on each discussion area.

or some design mechanism to gently force us to -cross-pollenate (spelling?)

For me it is a simple matter of 'out of sight - out of mind' - I would think of posting elsewhere if I remembered to do so. And I certainly would do so if I knew that others were reading there as well.

out of my mind,


life during wartime (in DC) <>

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