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Re: IRC chat channel #sito
by  [mail] 2002-03-25 12:57:25 [4095]
It worked okay last Thursday night for the hour or so that I used it.

Go to <>; for info about chatzilla. However, I recommend ircle for Mac. A way around the shareware fee is to download the latest beta build whenever ircle expires. The Official Ircle Home Page - Download <>; IMHO this is not stealing because you're participating in the ongoing beta test. Just remember to dutifully report bugs if they occur.

IRC is possibly the most risky form of net surfing. Lots of malicious pranks. I'm getting so paranoid thinking about it that I'll probably IRC using Linux on Tuesday. Better security.

BTW, Ed, I tried to meld my 17" Sony Trinitron onto your deceased Sony monitor on Gridcosm levels 1049 and 1050. The result is... inaccurate. The screen isn't wide enough. And other aspects are... distorted. Anyway, I'm awestruck that you coded the original Gridcosm. So I thought I'd better try to pay your monitor last respects. Sorry if my condolences turned out to be... a trifle odd.

Hey, this thread is on-topic in sito.synergy.gridcosm again!

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Re: IRC chat channel #sito
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