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strange days indeed (or who is ANDY HILL?)
by Nata Lukas [nlt SITOme] [email Nata Lukas] 2002-04-26 04:55:26 [4401]
imagine my surprise when, because I decided our bathing beauties lawn needs some color and splash some yellow on it for a dindelion effect. Wanting to echo the color and theme in the corner of my panel I decide to do a search. I searched google images for the misspelled 'dandilion' and came across a page of PANIK stricken folks called "Andy Hill: SITO:PANIC collaboration 1" Andy Hill: SITO:PANIC collaboration 1 <>

Well indeedy. there's a dandi dandelion with the O.T.I.S. inscription imblazened. Freaky business, full circle shit. Filped it flopped it. OTIS is now SITO

who is this ANDY HILL anyhow?


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