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Dear NLT prickface,
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-03 16:23:04 [36588]

naw im not calling you a prickface just trying to get your attention.

I wasnt talking about calvinists and armenians or even God really I was talking about the nature of time.

I was thinking about this idea getting over a cold and tired of binge watching Scandal all day how sometimes proactive responses to the world can be detrimental and how mankind tends value action rather than maybe more zen buddhist type idea of not fking things up.

Didnt even really apply to gridcosm specifically just pointing out that what people choose not to do seems to be a less celebrated virtue than all the inventing and problem solving and all that anyway.

Then you replied to my comment like a big ol prick face in way that just said

"i didnt consider any of your thoughts i just want to be completley dismissive of you etc"

I guess because your some kind of bully gorrila opposed to intellectual pursuit. I dont know maybe you get off on rejecting peoples idea without having a discussion.

So any way YOU were a big troll and you know im laying around allday so i bit but really guy I could care less about sito doeas with its tags.

theres nothing stopping me synching to csm its a non-issue

what i was pointing out is what a kick you all seem to get out of being tastless aholes.

I mean i didnt want to believe the powers that be wanted to target me personally, to purposefully hurt my feelings by removing tags and html like im gonna retaliate in some JITTY spamming whiney flame war.

I dont care.

The only thing that bothers me this the idea that SITO actually is a bunch of petty pricks who would do something like that.

Thats the only thing I find potentially disapointing.

As for you you do this thing where you are cool and then yur kind of a bing dick (your reply was pretty dicky) even when i assure you that this lowest common denominator attitude i project is an act.

Don't be so fucking manipulatable N8, Sito. its dumb. Iman ingenius mastermind n8 I know how to game people and these systems of communication.

I mean dude I conned like 10 chat trolls into working on gridcosm all day bro! lololol

well maybe con is the wrong word since i did tell them the truth i neverl ied ai wonder what the word is?

Anyway the point is just cuz i laid around all day bitching on the message board doesnt mean im all that concerned about gridcosm...

I do think the people are important, so im glad to have provocted you into showing your hand.


So far it hasnt worked on the head office but its not a big deal.

I did want to share that star wars bing video with you since it related to your bitchen deathstar and cracked me up watching it for the first time in a long while.

Everything I do here is jovial.

I really not trying to be cryptic or mysterious or project an air err of superiority so if i do you know its part of the joke.

KEEP MAKING GREAT SQUARES! (i do wish you would have when i was gridding but i dont know youre a prickface? lolol)

I do consider you a kind of friend i guess

anyway this ones a clear win:


(stop reading my news like its intentional thats 'fake news' lol i dont open browse and the profile link to check the clock when i post messages)

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Talking to NLT all day as i dominate him and gridcosm completley

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