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but meh
by Oh [lah SITOme]  2017-03-06 16:34:03 [36633]
er yeah i mean because its probly fundementaly wrong to compare the hypnat proabilities of 25 error free positive to the filed potential arbitrary of 1/5000. i mean sure they get to be about equally after 25, but the field size and the hypnat arent actually related i guess if it was that would suggest that a synch is likley when you consider the size of the film and such. you could just as easily imply that it decreases the odds of actually finding it rather than increasing the odds of its existance.

so i guess the real value of the hypnat is in being able to say pos and neg are equally likely. with this type of thinking its unavoidable concluding that the rarity or likelhood of a synch is based solely on the number of positives times the number of (potential?) errors avoided. this does seem to set a bar for the one song film synch to score a positive number of error free synchs with a hypnat that is rarer than then singular positive field probability, or the 1/5000 arbitrary... but im not convinced its a fair comparison but it almost makes it looks like movies are the average length they are in order to give enough time for the probability of a hypnat synch to occur! lol. which would actually makeit intentional if not inevitable. wow

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