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actually the joke was (COSM SYNCH)
by Oh [lah SITOme]  2017-03-07 03:32:06 [36641]
i reserved acroos from MRM as AAD just after MKC uploaded the 5 for the 3,4,5 bottom row on the artesit matrcix. and that level 345 has a mermaid. but i posted as PCB

also im implying that the Oscars La-LA Land mistake made by faye dunaway was all about level 4063 since i posted fay dunaway and an envelope as 2 LAH squares.

we got synchronicity all over the place

the CSNY song mentions "purple berries" as seen on 4064 as well as a few rehases you posted, as well as expressing my non-cosming with some emo-whining in a sort trippy 60's no quarter vibe if you want to see it work its like this:




hahahha i like mine better.

i guess i'll true it from https://...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4151&STARTLEVEL=4096 now

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MKC and i have history of sharing movie + music synchs

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