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Re: Panic???
by Robert Dale Anderson [baz SITOme] [email Robert Dale Anderson] 2000-09-25 01:20:48 [613]

I've been a member of that Yahoo club for weeks and there has been zilch activity there.

Panic for me is a more real time sock 'em send 'em activity as opposed to the other Synergy activities (great that they are in their necessary restrictions).

It seems to me (dumb that I am) that something similar to the web based upload function such as in place for Gridscosm could be used for a reworked without too much problem.

The security problem, as I understand it, is with warez and porno traders uploading their stuff to an open FTP directory.

With the use of Synergy IDs and password this problem could be avoided.

What do you think?

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