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thesis about synergy
by  [mail] 2001-07-08 15:33:39 [2432]


My name is Marnix and I am a student of Musictechnology at the Art School in the Netherlands. At this moment I’m working at my graduation thesis about synergy by combining different art forms. I’m interested in the various ways people operate when they work together. How do people communicate? How do they discuss concepts, ideas? How do they inspire eachother? What conditions are necessary to get optimal results from working together? In other words, what is necessary to achieve synergy, as well in the creative process as in the final results? I was wondering if people want to tell me about their experience on this topic. I will compare answers with that of other artists and try to come to some conclusions. I will send everyone a copy of the final thesis. Thanks a lot!

Greetings, Marnix, the Netherlands

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