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Re: chat software
by Robert Dale Anderson [baz SITOme] [email Robert Dale Anderson] 2001-09-22 22:45:53 [3098]
I'd no problems with iVisit, but I probably haven't used it as many hours as you. I do like it better than CuSeeMe, but actually don't do much video conferencing beyond that project last spring. The only problem we had was hackers in Greece, who unconnected but at the same time as our event, decided to flood Greek ISPs and made it impossible to connect.

I remember now why I don't have IRCle. I had gone back to using telnet to get to a unix shell and use IRC from there. Today I was unable to get a connection to either of the two servers my two providers point toward.

So back to IRCle from (yes I know the PERL script will tell me to use a complete URL).

Brett Wagner was Mr. IRC in the old days. I'm rusty, I sure.

So, let's clean out the Panic directory. Issue instructions. Set some time (mine is quite fragmented, I'm usually asleep by 19 Central time). Face cornflaking it is.

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