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sito diploma? ph*t*shop tennis?
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2001-10-23 03:54:03 [3275]
ed and i have often dreamed of sito educational outreaches. (and things like life-drawing classes are just realizations of those dreams.) i would heartily endorse diplomae. i may have to re-take sysadmin 101. anyone?

as for image-tennis, i am curious just how many of the active sito folks out there are using gimp? i was very excited to see it mentioned *more than* once even lately. i query cuz i have been thinking of writing a gimp script for sito-usage. side-project, silly kinda thing. never wrote one, but more accessible than photoshop. but i would like to know if there would be any users/testers?

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