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an exquisite corpse
by Josh Tackitt [jgt SITOme] [email Josh Tackitt] 2001-11-19 23:22:02 [3422]
Has anyone here visited or participated in An/Exquisite/Corpse <>? An Exquisite Corpse is a surrealist game that has lots of different versions. The idea with this one is that one person creates the top 1/4th of an image. Then he passes the bottom 14 pixels onto the next artist who creates the next panel down, and so on. You can play it with poetry, fiction, etc.

I'm on the list to play but my number hasn't come up yet.

They're looking to expand it in some way and I have proposed the idea of an animated exquisite corpse game. Artists would create 4 or 5 seconds of animation, pass the last second onto the next artist, and so on. This could be combined with poetry/words. You can see my post on the topic here: Le Cadavre/Exquise/Boira/le Vin/Nouveau <>

I'd like to hear if anyone would be interested in any part of this, either with animation or words.


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