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Re: density and variance
by DUH   2002-01-11 12:32:07 [3599]
Here's a website that's worth a visit. It changes just about every day. It combines the structured aspect of Gridcosm with the greater freedom of Panic. Is this off-topic? It seemed relevant.

From: "Don Harris" Newsgroups: Subject: The List is growing: Interesting Design Exercise Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 22:03:23 -0500 Message-ID:

Alt.Design.Graphics Member Site <>

DO be creative, within the bounds of the exercise. DO Keep it in Web format... GIF or JPG (anyway you want to pronounce them) DO NOT totally change the image to the point that previous incarnations are obliterated. DO NOT change the size (it's 800x600). No Flash... it's just an image (sorry Brian)

To keep things tidy, send the image to me (or let me know where I can download it) after you do your special magic to it and I'll post it at Alt.Design.Graphics Member Site <> . Only the last incarnation available will be posted until it's finished, then I'll put them all on a page to show the progression.

PARTICIPANTS FINISHED: TheDon Edward Wedig Oz Trad OHD Andrew Ben Woodward Carol Ott

NEXT: Brian Mays

Michelle Phisch Carla Davis Kevin Olean Azlan Richard.Lyons Mike Minovski moonlight Fungusamungus Bren Ehinger Mads Erik Muller Tor de Vries

You can still be added. Just let me know. If you did let me know, but your name is still not here, kick me in the butt and tell me again.


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density and variance
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