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by  [mail] 2002-03-09 03:16:01 [3951]
What can you fit on a 1 inch button?

project:button is looking for answers and artists. Submit your artwork (online or by mail) to be made into a 1 inch button. Every entry is numbered and cataloged in our online gallery. (the first 50 buttons are now on view in the gallery!) Each button will be one-of-a-kind. At least one button from each participant will be added to the permanent collection for an installation in an art gallery. Participants who make 2 or more submissions can request a button from the collection. (a one dollar donation is requested to keep the project going) Full guidelines and details can be found at

project:button is an art collective gathering together artists from around the world to exhibit their work in a uniform format. we believe art should be accessible to everyone.

The submission deadline for issue 2 is March 15th!

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