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Some New Ideas for SITO
by Hyve [hyv SITOme] [email Hyve] 2005-03-06 11:52:57 [11648]
Greetings SITOians and visitors. SITO has gotten into my brain. Here is an example of what it has done while in there(here).

This is the first in a series at least 3 ideas.

Project: SITO Map Rectangular(a square is a rectangle) images are submitted with an earthbound lattitude (width) -180,180 and longtitude (height) -90,90 ( the images centerpoint or x,y = 0 at the exact location). They are limited (converted in ratio) to a reasonable max or standard size such as 300px2. They are then represented as best fit* in a global map so the whole surface is covered as best possible by the images in relation to eachother. Images could be deliberately placed between others by entering narrower coordinates or careful placement and sizing of adjacent images. Regional Hog factor could be included here. The work/s could be navigated using any well designed map navigation tools, plenty to choose from here. Google Maps <>. You could even go 3D sperical to a certain size.

The tricky part would be reorgansing the image upon each submission to best fit, and redrawing/caching the most popular views. A time line would add another dimension to this.

*I propose that the first submission would be a world map at 0,0 with the maxium width allowed for submissions

a second image at 0,1 would be added above the image, sharing a border. This border could be broken by adding a third image at 0,(0.5) But again this new image relationship could be modified by adding a fourth image at 1,(0.5). The 3rd and 4th would share a horizontal border with the secong above them both and the first below them. e.g:


2 1

2 3 1

2 4|3 1

corners would be popular points if the views were limited to a "school map"

alternatively you could view the map as a global surface an look from above at the north pole. buth then what to do with the representation/distortion of images in school map view.

I'll leave it here for now - I hope it gets some of you talking (most of you are already thinking).

Definition of Latitude and Longitude <> latitude longitude lines absolute relative locations explanations <> Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (Research at the Getty) <>

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