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sito project ideas
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2005-03-06 18:07:39 [11653]
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there are some good thoughts in here. its really nice to see some ideas forming in the ol sito.synergy discussion.

i will attempt to address specific details at some point in the future. certainly getting the stew (or stews) boiling here is a great start.

what i did want to mention now is that, as a general rule, we are open to programmer/artists developing ideas into (near) reality for use on sito. so if you (or anyone) can write code to do this stuff, then lets talk for sure.

our biggest bottleneck right now is ed and my time to realize projects on sito. (believe it or not, we kinda are working on one. after what, oh, 10 years?) the environment is basically un*x with the usual image-processing tools (netpbm) and a mysql database.

ok, enough boring details. yup, help with ideas is key. alright, i will read these ideas more in a little bit. gotta get on my bike and run some errands real quick, while the sun shines....

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