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Re: sito project ideas - those rules again
by Hyve [hyv SITOme] [email Hyve] 2005-04-07 13:31:12 [11854]
those rules again

1.Each contribution must be 300 pixels high 2.It is added to the right of the previous work 3.The width of the work is allocated 10 pixels at the time of submission of the previous piece 4.A counter counts down from the current time period between submissions divided by your Post Rate (or hog factor) to the next addition of 10 pixels to a maximum of 100 pixels wide. 5.Post Rate (Hogfactor) is the number of other artists submissions between your last one and the current point - if you do two in a row, it is 2:1. 6.You have 2 hours from reservation to post - lasped or cancelled resevations return all users to the allocation as when it was reserved.

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