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Re: Yeah - a new forum!!!
by Kiyotei [kyt SITOme] [email Kiyotei] 2000-01-12 19:05:39 [61]
OOOPPPsie! I meant to do that!!!!

Actually you are very correct - South Africa is the actual country domain.

Anyway.... I logged in officially this time. This is a very kool forum gents!

Well I "collect" email addresses - must have 30 or more now. Just thought it was cool to have a few without the .com attached. Ananzi gives you a free one at: <>

I also have but it doesn't auto-forward like ananzi.

Silly huh? Well I found that "kiyotei" is kind of unique as a word but some gay author named Jim ( Oasis Magazine: Columns <>) snapped up after he saw one of my graphics (with sig) floating around.

Thought I would just snap up a few more myself.

My personal favorite is (this is fun to change at will).

Sorry for the info overload .... Bye now.

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Re: Yeah - a new forum!!!

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