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Re: artists wanted in collaboration
by Kiyotei [kyt SITOme] [email Kiyotei] 2000-01-14 20:22:35 [74]
sounds interesting but ... emailing you direct results in the following error message:

This is an automated message -- there is no need to reply.


You have sent email to someone at, or There is no-one here with the name you specified.

Perhaps you were looking for someone, our free ISP?

If you are trying to reach New Scientist magazine, please read on...

If you wrote to seek further information about the magazine and articles we have published, please email Claire Eaves . She will do her best to help you.

Perhaps your message was for one of our departments:

For further (human) assistance, please contact

Please note, though, that webmaster will not have seen this message.

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Re: artists wanted in collaboration

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