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Oscar, Increased Collaborativity (new word?) and textcollabs
by Mark Renner [sat SITOme] [email Mark Renner] 2000-01-25 09:55:45 [92]
I just love the updates to everything around here, and I can hardly sit still envisioning the facelifts that the other sections of Sito will get...

I see this place expanding in visitors and articipants greatly as graphics/photo editing software comes down and the automation of this site goes up...

Also, I don't know if anyone's noticed yet, but (I assume) every person with a Synergy/SUE ID has their own discussion forum, available from the artist's info page... Quite an ego boost to know you have a discussion forum dedicated to _you_, however vacant...

Also, I greatly encourage any and all text collaborations... Here are a few ideas for possible text collabs:

* City Snapshot- Modeled a bit after 253, at 253 - interactive novel home <> , except less rigidly structured. Participants can reserve spaces on a grid to create buildings (perhaps w/ a 150x150 graphic included), defining how many empty slots there are for people inside, as well as features of the building. Others can then write in the characters, possibly adding a 100 x 100 pixel graphic with it. Like the hygrid, potentially infinite expandability.

* Branching Narratives- A bit like panic, as anyone can upload their own "seeds." One person creates a beginning, middle, or end (or somewhere in between) and others add a beginning, middle, or end, as necessary. Participants can add as many alternate segments as they like, (e.g. a single seed beginning having 3 middles and 5 endings.) If only beginning segments are allowed, this becomes incredibly easy to do- we could do this in one of the discussion forums. A totally Pannicky version of this would scrap the narrative requirement all together- simply a seed fragment of text upon which people could embellish, shorten, dramatize, write from a different perspective, convert genres... (i.e. collabber AAA uploads a story from the Associated Press; collabber BBB converts it into haiku format; Collabber CCC makes it dialogue in a short story; Collabber DDD re-arranges a few key sentences/words/letters to change the meaning entirely)

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